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Best of the Rest: Back to School Edition

Schools are starting all over this week, and I spent the weekend at Maryland. Kinda weird going back and seeing the new freshmen. They’re so easy to pick out for a number of reasons: They have no facial hair, they talk about the best way to get back to the dorms, and they wear lanyards with their student IDs around their necks. Welcome back everyone, don’t spend all your money on liquor in the first week, go Terps!

On to this week’s links:

In addition to being a staff writer here, Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff actually writes great articles at her site as well! This one is a response to a Financial Samurai post about someone who called him cheap about not wanting a $5 coffee.

Flexo from Consumerism Commentary writes about why he doesn’t chase the highest interest rate. Awhile ago I wrote about why throwing every penny into savings isn’t worth it. In that case, it was the stress. This is take on why you should stick with a bank you like and not worry about small changes in interest rates.

Remember when stores set minimum purchase amounts and it was illegal? Well now that the new laws have gone into effect, that’s not the case anymore. Might Bargain Hunter lets us know that the minimum must be less than $10 however, so when the lady at the dry cleaners told me they don’t accept credit cards on anything below $15, she should be careful (although she can refuse my credit card for the 6.87 on my bill.)

Evan at My Journey to Million thinks that money can buy happiness. I like this theory and I think I’m in a better mood when I have no money. But what I especially liked about the post is the twitter comment he received in response. I saw it when it was posted and didn’t know what it was in reference to, but I immediately was drawn to it. Check it out.

Finally, check out J’s post at Budgets are Sexy to see what people searched for in Google and landed on his site. Not exactly personal finance related, but it’s a good time. Here’s my favorite search term from this week that landed someone on Sweating The Big Stuff: “no eating challenge.” They got to a post about not eating out for a week, which is what I hope this person was actually looking for. Otherwise..uh oh.



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