Best of the Rest: Back to School Edition

Lauren recently got into graduate school, so she’s been enjoying the last few weeks of freedom before having to go back to textbook reading and paper writing. I’m very proud of her for getting in, and now we’re only about 2 years away from being a two-income household!

In honor of her hitting the books, I’ve been doing some reading of my own. Check it out!

13 Reasons NOT to Have a Budget (via Money Infant)

Don’t Be a Sheep When it Comes to Your Finances (via My Journey To Millions)

Part-Time Jobs You Should Get off the Couch for (via Studenomics)

What is Tax Evasion and How Could it Affect You (via Free From Broke)

Can I Retire? (via Canajun Finances)

Yakezie Carnival at Little House in the Valley
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie at Financial Success for Young Adults
Festival of Frugality at Squirrelers
Carnival of Wealth at Control Your Cash
Totally Money at Family Money Values
Festival of Frugality at The Frugal Toad
Carnival of Financial Planning at Skilled Investor Blog
Carnival of Retirement at Retire By 40

3 Responses to Best of the Rest: Back to School Edition

  1. Big Cajun Man says:

    Thanks for the inclusion!

  2. Money Infant says:

    Thanks for including me on this great list Daniel. And on my birthday too, what a nice and unexpected gift.

  3. Evan says:

    Thanks for the mention!

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