Best of the Rest: Back to Running Edition

Toward the end of college, I picked up running. I hated it at first and treadmill running still doesn’t excite me, but being in shape always makes me feel great. Eventually I was able to run a a half-marathon, but over the past 3 years, running got pushed off to the side.

Now, I’m starting to pick it back up. I am in no way a gym rat, but running always makes me feel like I worked hard to accomplish something, so over the past month or so I’ve made more of an effort to go to the gym. I started at 2-3 miles and made excuses why I should skip certain days, but now I’m at around 13 miles a week and I plan on keeping it up!

Here’s to getting back to basics and doing the things that make us feel good!

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Best of the Rest: Back to Running Edition

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6 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: Back to Running Edition

  1. I miss those days when I was in college and would work out with a group of good friends!

    You article sparked memories of nostalgia… That said, I need to work out (lol).

  2. Daniel,

    It’s good to hear you’re back to running. It’s something I also enjoy, but can’t because of knee problems.

    Good luck with your fitness goals!

  3. I’m a little scared of taking up running again. I keep thinking about it quite a bit, but chronic ankle injuries are forcing me to stay put.

  4. I am not a big runner….but I do love lifting some weights! BIG on staying fit. Great round-up!

  5. I used to run. I loved the social aspect of it and the high I got when I finished a race. Glad to hear you are back at it.

    Thanks for the inclusion

  6. Running hurts my knees too much. I’m jealous of friends who achieve the ‘runners high.’ I just end up with sore knees. So I stick to cardio that’s low-impact on my joints, like swimming or the elliptical machine or walking.

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