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Best of the Rest: Bachelor Edition

Lauren has left me for a nearly three-week trip to London and France with her mother and siblings. So I’m home living the bachelor life with her dad for a few weeks. As he says, we’re supposed to talk about finance in order to “bond.” Wah-wah…

I’ve had a ton of time to read, so check out these articles:

I Don’t Understand the Safe Withdrawal Rate Discussion (via My Journey To Millions)
How to Spend Money on Fun (via Consumerism Commentary)
Why Do Men Think They Need Money to Attract Women? (via Financial Uproar)
Never Lend Money to Friends Unless You Would Give It To Them For Free Anyway (via Money Reasons)
Sell Your Losers Before 2011 Ends (via Retire By 40)
How to Invest for the Long Term (via Prairie Eco Thrifter)
4 Ways to Kick Your Mortgage in the Butt and Pay It Off Faster (via How To Save Money)
Stop Being Cheap and Invest in Yourself (via My Personal Finance Journey)

I was also featured in these carnivals:

Yakezie Carnival hosted by The Saved Quarter
Carnival hosted by Financial Camaraderie at My University Money
Totally Money hosted by Retire by 40
Yakezie Carnival at Bucksome Boomer
Carnival of Financial Camaraderie at My University Money
Totally Money at The Saved Quarter
Canadian Finance Carnival at Canadian Finance Blog
Carnival of Wealth at Control Your Cash
Carnival of Financial Planning at The Skilled Investor Blog
Personal Finance Whiz Carnival at Personal Finance Whiz



  1. As a bachelor myself, I’d suggest the following to maximize your lady-less experience:

    1. Pants are always optional.

    2. Drinking straight from the container means you’ll have less glasses to wash later.

    3. Day old pizza is awesome for breakfast.

    Thanks for the link.

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