Best of the Rest: 9 Mile Run

Friday was a crazy day for me. Due to some religious restrictions and me wanting to be in two places at once, I decided to take the 9.2 mile trek to see my girlfriend, Lauren, on Friday afternoon. It was kind of a crazy idea seeing as the most I had run in the past 6 months had been a measly 5k on Sunday (when I came up with the idea), but I had enough motivation and I figured what’s life without some crazy experiences. On Wednesday I ran 5 miles, thinking that I would just push myself a little farther on the day of the big race (against nobody).

So I set out at 3:30pm on Friday, walking the first two miles. At the point where DC gets kind of creepy, I started my run, slowly making my way into Maryland. Of course it was all uphill (and in a few years this story will include blizzard like conditions). I didn’t have a watch on me, but it took approximately 1:45. It was a little exhausting, but it felt good and I had a fantastic time.

The other exciting news is that I’ve become a staff writer for American Express’ new site, Currency! I’ve never done this before, and the writing has been fun. (Don’t worry, I keep the quality content here!) Check out my recent posts, What Does Student Loan Consolidation Really Mean? and Dining Out Tonight? 5 Ways to Save if you’d like to see an extremely goofy picture of me (I swear it looked better on my computer!).

So what have I been doing while not running? Reading some awesome personal finance articles! If you’re the running type, go enjoy this Sunday with a 5 or 10k. If you’re not, check out what my friends have been writing!

Frugal Dad shares 5 great ways to save while shopping online. There are always great ways to save online. Recently, I’ve been a huge fan of Amazon, mostly because of their free 2 day shipping. I haven’t found a reputable dealer that gets me my stuff faster or for a better price yet.

Pam Lassiter guest posts on Free Money Finance about negotiating your salary. A fantastic read, and it comes with scripts about how to answer what feels like an awkward situation.

Staying with the topic of careers, 20 Something Finances asks the question: Should you tell your employer you are changing careers? If it’s going to affect your current status or has the possibility of hurting you, I think it’s best to give the mandatory 2 weeks and then just move on.

Financial Samurai shares his first car experience. I never had a car of my own, always borrowing my parents’ or hitching a ride with friends. I just never needed one, but the friends I have who are attached to their cars most are the ones with beaters, so they get my vote.

I took part in the Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Well Heeled Blog. Possibly the most engaging carnival I’ve ever been a part of.

Best of the Rest: 9 Mile Run

Sweating the Big Stuff

6 thoughts on “Best of the Rest: 9 Mile Run

  1. Congratulations on the run. Sounds like the weather must be nice there now.

  2. Hi Daniel, Congrats on the 9 miles, that’s an accomplishment. I’m on my way to currency to check out your work!

  3. Oh congrats to you. I have been following your blog through RSS feeds. I am a new runner, and very interested in personal finance, so it was neat to read that you’re a runner as well.

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