Best of Money Carnival #128

Welcome to the 128th edition of the Best of Money Carnival. I’ve wanted to host this carnival for the first time and I finally got my opportunity!

Please, please, please read these articles, they all have something innovative or special to offer, sometimes getting different perspectives on topics can be really useful!

Counting down to my favorite article…

#10: Corey presents How My Gas Was Shut Off Because of My Neighbor posted at 20’s Finances.

This makes no sense and I would have kicked the guy out of my house before he turned off my gas because of a clerical error. You gotta stand up for what you believe in!

#9: Flexo presents 5 Reasons You’re Unhappy With Your Career Progress posted at Consumerism Commentary.

We all fall into ruts sometimes at work, but follow these steps to get a clearer picture of what you want and how to get there.

#8: Marie presents Six reasons to share your knowledge at work posted at Broke Professionals.

Sometimes we may think that keeping knowledge to ourselves at work will make us an expert and therefore harder to be replaced. As Marie shows us, there are some big advantages to sharing our information!

#7: Jill presents 7 Financial Consequences When You Say I Do” posted at My Dollar Plan.

I’m getting married in about 8 months, and clearly there’s a lot of planning to do, both with the wedding details, but also with our finances. We’ve had some preliminary discussions about our finances, but still need to iron some things out.

#6: Crystal presents My Monthly Goal Reward Led to a Serious Talk posted at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff.

Wow, talk about a successful side business! I like to pretend I gave Crystal her start, but now I’m starting to think that maybe her big gains started happening around the time I became self-employed over the summer…Either way, you go girl!

#5: Lazy Man presents MonaVie’s Money-Losing Scheme to Solve the Recession / Layoffs posted at Lazy Man and Money.

Lazy Man has long held a grudge against MonaVie, and for good reason. His post explains the new fuel that has been added to the fire.

#4: The Financial Blogger presents Do You Want to Blog Full-Time? Here’s a Reality Check That Nobody Else Will Give You posted at The Financial Blogger.

Being honest and working hard doesn’t always pay off the way we expect. Sometimes shortcuts can pay big dividends. I feel for you man, keep trying!

#3: Craig Ford presents 3 Reasons Why We Kissed Budgeting Goodbye posted at Money Help For Christians.

Like Craig, I stopped budgeting a few months ago for many of the same reasons. For some people budgeting can be great, but these are great reasons why it’s not a great fit for everyone.

#2: Paula presents Superman Is Dead: The Real Secret to Success posted at Afford Anything.

This is definitely true in my line of work, where part of my salary comes in the form of commission. While there are a few big spenders who I rely on, it’s always important to diversify and continually grow my customer base.

and my top pick…

#1: Suba presents Creative ways to help a charity without spending any money posted at Wealth Informatics.

I’ve made the argument that we should all give more to charity, but this article shows how we can give with minimal effort and changes to our current lifestyle.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Best of Money Carnival #128

Sweating the Big Stuff

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  1. Wahoo!! Thanks for picking my post for this Carnival — thus proving that I’m far better at blogging than I was at getting picked for the middle-school soccer team. :-) And good luck diversifying your income and growing your customer base!

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