Best Mac Apps for Business Owners

My husband and I run our own business. It is hard to be self employed and have everything on your shoulders. It is very important to find the proper resources available that can help make the challenge a little easier. I have found that technology is the best resource for entrepreneurs. Specifically, I feel like apps available on your iphone and Mac can make a world of a difference. They allow you to help in all areas of business including finance, scheduling, organization, marketing, and business planning. Thanks to an app I recently discovered called Setapp, it makes things even easier by giving you access to dozens of the best apps out there for a minimal monthly fee. They have apps available for many different uses but as a business owner, I find it to be extremely helpful. Below is a list of the top apps available on Setapp that have helped me with my business.


When it comes to business, finances are extremely important. By using the Moneywiz app you are able to stay on top of you budget and make sure you sticking to your plan. If budgets are enforced, your business could be gone. With this helpful tool you will be on top of things.

Swift Publisher

Most businesses have a budget for marketing. Marketing can include many things, but one thing is printed materials. Swift Publisher helps with creating printed materials and marketing materials to do as you wish and extend your business. Things like flyers, brochures and business cards can all be created in this app. When you are able to do things of this nature on your own you can save you and your business a lot of money. Having access to these functions is priceless for you and your business.


Everyone knows the cliche saying that time is money. As a business owner it is important to know where you are spending your time and what you are spending your time on. Most importantly, you need to know if what you are doing is profitable and efficient. The Timing app allows you to track your time so you can analyze what you are doing and if you think it is working for you and your company.


Every business employee needs to know what tasks they are responsible and what they need to tackle each day. By using the Taskmate app you are able to create a tasklist that is easily accessible and allows you to get done what needs to be done. By being organized you are more efficient and therefore more profitable. The Taskmate app is great for this.

By having access to the few app examples listed above for a small minimal fee is a no brainer. The Setapp app has so many capabilities and services  that I didn’t go into detail here but it is obviously a service that should be explored by small personal business to enhance their business.

Best Mac Apps for Business Owners

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