How To Beat The Odds At The Casino

That feeling of winning at the casino is incredible. The elation of watching your number come up or that ace coming through at the right time is unmatched. The players at Magical Vegas – the popular online casino could well reveal their top gaming experience while playing exciting games such as online slots, roulette, poker, and even the exciting live casino games with a real dealer. Do you want to know how players always have a great time on the Vegas favorite games at Read this guide to beating the odds at online casino games. Every table game, from craps to blackjack to baccarat to roulette, we break down all the tips to get you that jackpot you have been searching for.

Check The Payout

Make sure you are playing the games with the best odds. Lots of casinos have dressed up their rooms with hot girls in short skirts. But look past all that glitz to see if the payout has been trimmed. Chances are they have doubled the house’s advantage by going 6/5. That means a $100 bet gets you $120, rather than the traditional $150.

Find the Marks (on the Dealer Side)

Clumsy dealers are a pit boss’s worst nightmare. But they can be your best friend. And with all the tables to watch over, some pit bosses might miss the guy tripping over himself to hand out winnings. Keep an eye out for that negligent blackjack dealer that is flashing a look at the face-down card. Much more efficient than learning how to count cards. Unless you are a Mensa member, you probably can’t do it.

Stop. For Real.

When you are up at the roulette table, get a move one. Stash some of those winnings away and move on with some play money to the blackjack table. You will thank yourself later. The more you spin the wheel, the better the odds get for the house. The casino knows exactly how it is going to break even: 30,000 hands on the roulette wheel. So do what no one does: Quit while you are ahead.

Stick With It

The more you play, the better you will get. Practice makes perfect. Well, maybe not perfect, but at least you can shoot for profitable. The more hands of baccarat or poker you play, the better you get. Practice on computer games at home, so you get to understand the odds and see the hands over and over again. Then, go out and bet your hard-earned cash.

Embrace the Boring Side

The games with the worst odds for players are always dressed up with flashing lights and colorful signage. Stay away! On the craps table, the flashiest, most visually attractive bets, like the field or “any 7,” are the most colorful. Avoid those like the plague. Stick with the safe, boring bets.

Wear A Watch

Casinos famously have no clocks. Many prevent their dealers from wearing watches. It pays to have the easy marks, like you and your friends, lose track of time. Wear a watch and check it often. When you are on a winning streak, cash in and go enjoy wasting time at the pool. You are always one bad beat away from being in the hole.

So that is it. Follow all these rules and you will find yourself on the winning side of the ledger more often than not. And stash that cash away, so you can come back to play another day.

How To Beat The Odds At The Casino

Sweating the Big Stuff

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