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Bank of America Sucks!

We’ve all had bad bank experiences, and I want to share mine.

I opened my account back in March, and in August saw a banner on the site for $25 free when I start using bill pay. The only qualifications listed were that I had to make two bill pay transactions within the first month. No problem, I was about to start anyway, so the timing was great.

The Problems Begin

I started using bill pay, made my mandatory transactions, and about 3 months later realized that I never got my $25. Frustrated, I called up. After being put on hold for 20 minutes, a customer service representative said that since I opened up the account in a branch, technically my bill pay account was activated then even though I didn’t use it until August.

That’s a load of crap, the all time dumbest rule ever. I never signed anything saying I wanted to use bill pay, so I went into a branch to talk to an accounts manager, Wendy, who has been extremely helpful. She did some research, called up a few people, and got it all taken care of. They said that they would put in a request and a check would be mailed rather than deposited into my account. No problem, as long as I got the money in the end.

Waiting for My Bonus Payment

A month went by and I still never received my check, or any other communication from Bank of America, so I went to go visit Wendy again. Again she helped me and called up some people, complained about their system (which I loved because she knew that it shouldn’t be this difficult to get what you deserve), and put in a request for me.

Wendy was wonderful and I couldn’t thank her enough. After sitting with her for half an hour, she figured I had to get back to work after my lunch break and offered to finish up talking to different people over the phone and assured me that everything would be taken care of. I have no doubt that she exhausted all efforts.

I just don’t trust Bank of America to come through.



    • There are, I know Chase has one, but I wouldn’t recommend that for someone in College. Unless you’re spending a lot of money on them, getting 1% doesn’t mean much. Sometimes you get the equivalent of $10 in rewards for every $1,000 you spend. And I don’t see why they are better, unless you have problems getting a credit card or have problems going over limits and want to really limit yourself.

  1. So, at what point does going into the bank and spending a lot of time working on this, become not worthwhile to get $25?

    • Basically at no point considering that I go during lunch and don’t have much better to do. But yah, at this point I’m just curious to see whether or not I can get it and how flexible they’ll be. The account manager said that if they couldn’t do it for me, she’d find another way (giving me credit for a referral instead of a bill-pay bonus), and it’d be nice to know that even if it can’t be done…it can be done.

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