Announcing a Blog Carnival Submission Service!

I’m all about trying out to new business ideas until I find out that works, so today I’m announcing that together with David from Financial Nerd, we are starting a blog carnival submission service.

You can check out more information on the page we have set up to both find out the details and sign up, but I want this and future posts here to be about the business creation and building process.

The Idea Behind The Business

The idea came about because I have been using a similar service, but didn’t like the idea of paying $240/year for something that I could do myself, and I was a bit underwhelmed by the service I was getting. It seemed like the value just wasn’t there. Going further, I could do this for other people and get paid for it. All we had to do is find a way to automate enough of the process so that it was still worth our time to do this for other people.

Each month, I was paying $20 to be included in about 3-5 carnivals a week. $1 per inclusion wasn’t enough for me, so instead of cancelling and simply getting no inclusions for $0, I decided to have something built that would be a one-time cost, but would save me money in the long-term. Of course, I could also use this to submit for other people, and there you have a business.

How We Are Better Than The Competition

I’m not the first person to have this service, but I am determined to have the best service out there. I am not looking to simply replace the service I was using, I want to crush it. Our service submits to over 20 carnivals (most are weekly, but some are bi-weekly and monthly). If even half of submissions are accepted, that’s double the value!

So I should charge double the cost, right? WRONG! I really want to wow people, and I want to do it at a great cost. So for now, the price is $20/month. If the demand gets high, I may increase that and the value will still be there, but the plan for now is to keep the price at $20 for the first round of signups.

I will be giving updates on our progress and also writing more about the details of our business and what it took to actually create the tools that we use. I love reading about the beginning of businesses, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy reading about it, too!

Readers, do you think we are pricing our service too low?

Announcing a Blog Carnival Submission Service!

Sweating the Big Stuff

14 thoughts on “Announcing a Blog Carnival Submission Service!

  1. Good luck with the new venture! It sounds like a great idea. I don’t think the price is ridiculous being that you’re in line with competitors and do more.

    1. @Jake @ Common Cents Wealth, Thanks! I was considering raising the price to $25-$30 even though I think the value is worth more than that (and if I am giving more value than competitors, shouldn’t I get paid more?) but I really want to impress people and if there is enough interest, I can always raise it later for new customers.

    1. @Anne @ Unique Gifter, Thanks, it’s not 100% automated but it’s close enough that it doesn’t take too long to submit to multiple carnivals. Not quite “passive income” yet, but also need some people to sign up for make it any “income” at all!

      I encourage you to come test it out (it’s free for 2 weeks!) and see if it’s something that could work for you!

  2. Sounds like a great idea so I signed up to give it a try. Thanks Tommy

  3. “do you think we are pricing our service too low?”

    Haha. If anything I would say you are pricing it too high.

    Your product might be better, but yours is unknown and your competitor is well established. If you want to draw in customers, you might want to start your prices lower than your competitor(s) to convince people to switch. Otherwise, content customers are probably going to stay with their current provider. I imagine very few will switch for a higher price.

    Good luck at your $20 price point. May the best blog carnival service win!

    1. @Kevin @ RewardBoost, I was receiving 3-5 submissions per week for $20/month. I am offering submission to over 20 carnivals for the same price.

      Sure, I could offer the same thing and try to undercut competitors, but I think my main advantage is that I’m giving a lot more value than anyone else.

      If nothing else, hopefully this makes everyone raise the level of service!

  4. I was just thinking about using a service like this. Actually I don’t even submit to carnivals at this point, but wanted to start doing it. Haven’t had the time. I’m still not sure whether it’s worth it…not exactly sure of the benefits of carnival submissions. And since I don’t make anything from my blog, may not be worth it yet. But in the future…I’ll keep this in mind.

  5. I haven’t figured out why people pay for this service. It is super easy to do, but if you know how to build automation (which is my day job) then you only have to click a button. I built my own custom automation and that is all that I have to do. Super simple, quick and easy! Good luck with your submission service Daniel, I wish you the best.

  6. New blogger here, so I’m not that familiar with blog carnivals yet. But it seems hosting the blog carnival is the most time consuming side of a carnival, but can provide the biggest return on invested time.

    So a semi-automated carnival hosting service might be interesting.

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