No matter what job we have, personal finance plays a large role in our lives. The more we learn, the better decisions we can make, and I’m hopeful that Sweating The Big Stuff can be a platform for people to learn about the important of make smart money decisions.

Personal finance isn’t all budgeting, taxes, and calculating interest rates. Those topics can be boring when looking at them as a burden, but when budgeting means saving over $17,000 in a 401(k), when earning more money means making estimated tax payments, and compounding interest means only needing to reach $250,000 by age 30 to retire, things get much more exciting.

At Sweating The Big Stuff, I attempt to write about my experiences with personal finance and teach what I’ve learned in a practical way. Too often, people are shy when it comes to their finances, but I’ve found that the more open people are (both online and in real life), the more educated they become. Sharing is caring!

Personally, I am in my mid-20s and work at an online advertising company. I’ve negotiated everything from my haircuts to rent, and I am always looking to explore additional income opportunities. I’ve moved away from micro-managing every financial decision and instead and working to build something sustainable that will increase my quality of life.

Please follow my progress and give feedback wherever you’d like. I look forward to hearing your perspective!


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