9 Steps to Take When a Company Treats You Unfairly

9 Steps to Take When a Company Treats You UnfairlyAs long as you do business with companies, there’s always a risk of being overcharged or being charged for products or services that were less than satisfactory. Fight back against these types of charges and get the company to fix their mistake.

Make sure there was really an error. Companies make mistakes, but so do we. Before you escalate the issue, confirm that there was actually an error and not an oversight on your part. For example, if you think a payment wasn’t applied correctly, verify with your bank that the payment was processed in the amount you suspect.

Don’t pay yet. The company may pay more attention to your complaint if you haven’t already sent payment. If you wait for your account to be corrected before paying, you don’t have to wait for a refund or credit to your account. With credit cards, you can only withhold the amount of the payment you’re disputing and only if you’ve disputed your billing error in writing.

Call and ask for the error to be corrected. Often, a simple phone call to customer service can help you get the error corrected. Start by calmly explaining the issue and why you believe there is an error. It helps to have your statement in front of you with the amount of the charge and the date it posted to your account.

Speak to a supervisor. If you have no success with the customer service representative you first speak with, ask for a supervisor. Sometimes the initial customer service representatives don’t have the authority or experience to solve your problem.

Threaten to cancel. Companies don’t want to lose your business and if they’re not initially willing to take a serious look at your issue, let them know you’re considering taking your business elsewhere. Don’t bluff. If they won’t fix your error, switch to another provider (especially if you can get a cheaper rate).

Complain on social media. Businesses realize the impact to their image if customers complain about them on social media. Try lodging a complaint on the company’s Facebok page or send a tweet with the company’s name or twitter handle. A company employee may directly message you to find out more about your issue.

Ask your bank to reverse the charges. If you’ve already paid and the company isn’t willing to work with you, contact your bank or credit card issuer to see if you can have the charges reversed.

Complain to an authority. You may not be able to get the company to correct the error, but you don’t have to go away quietly. Complain to the Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General. If you’re dealing with a bank or another company in the financial sector, send a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Federal Trade Commission also takes complaints about scams and ripoffs, subscription services, and other consumer concerns.

Sue. Depending on the damages you’ve suffered, you may hire an attorney to sue the company if you can’t resolve the issue. Do an internet search to see if other consumers have also complained about that company. In some cases, there may already be a class action lawsuit that you can join to receive some compensation for the company error.

9 Steps to Take When a Company Treats You Unfairly

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