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The 6 Best Wedding Gifts To Give

Now that the wedding is over and things are starting to calm down, we’re able to reflect back. We had an absolutely amazing time with our friends and family, and the pictures continue to flow in.

We’ve unwrapped our gifts and we have a much better understanding of what our friends probably want for their weddings. Different gifts are appropriate from different people, but here are the 5 best gifts that you can give to a bride and groom.

In no particular order…


Who can say no to cash? Some people prefer to buy a gift instead of giving cash, but whether they’re a young couple looking to save for a house or hoping to have the honeymoon paid for, you can never go wrong with cash. Plus, it’s the most convenient gift to give! Just make sure to write the correct names on the check!


Friends don’t give friends fancy china. But family and adult friends do! These will probably last longer than any other gift, and you know they’ll be handled gently.


While a big screen tv is a big purchase, you can get the groomsmen and bridesmaids to chip in on a sweet entertainment system. This is a fun gift that is sure to make the married couple happy. Our close friends got us a great big tv with DVD player and couldn’t be happier with the group gift idea!

Kitchen Accessories

If the couple is moving in together for the first time, there definitely will be a need for pots and pans, kitchen electrics (think popcorn maker, sandwich maker, and food processor). You can’t go wrong with this gift, and it’s appropriate for all givers.

Anything Off The Registry

If you’re not sure what to get, don’t worry! The couple likely has a registry to help you! They’ve picked out hundreds of gifts they need and want, so pick something fun. And if they decide they don’t need it, they can always return it and pick something else out that they really need instead!

Something Personalized

We got a lot of gifts, but the ones that made us smile most were the ones that were customized. They weren’t the most expensive, but who doesn’t like seeing their monogram on bathroom towels? And the “Mrs. Packer” hanger than Lauren got was great!

Readers, what is your favorite gift to give? What did you enjoy receiving?



  1. Our favorite gifts were a nice plate and cup set, a full set of amazing pots and pans, the little bamboo tree one of our friends gave us, and cash. :-) I think your list is great – I would only change the “personalized” category to “personal”…monograms aren’t our thing but the inside joke gifts were awesome. :-)

  2. Congratulations! I love this list, and I also love that popcorn maker ranked higher than things off the registry. :)

  3. Got married last October… stuff off the registry was always nice, but definitely cash (and, to a lesser extent, gift cards) was the best and most useful gift we could receive!!

  4. CASH CASH CASH haha

    We got married just over a month ago. Gift cards were just stressful. Cash to use on our honeymoon made for many great memories that we’ll have forever. That’s worth more than a new serving platter or dishes :-P

  5. Great list! I just sent my sister and her soon-to-be husband a personalized, crystal champagne bucket with their invite engraved on it. It’s very nice and very personal (they didn’t send out paper invites, so now they have their inscription saved for good.)

    Yes, cash is great too. But when the couple is a little older, I like giving personalized gifts instead.

    • @Little House, That is an awesome idea! Again, anything personalized makes people’s faces light up, and a crystal champagne bucket sounds awesome!

  6. Great list. We got mostly cash as I moved out at 17 so had a lot of stuff. I did love the nice china set we got. I got nice glasses too, but never really used them, so after a few years gave them to my mum, much to her excitement.

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