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5 Reasons Why Investing in a Legal Defense for Reckless Driving is Worth It

Sure, you can consider hiring a general defense attorney to represent you in your reckless driving case, but is that really the best use of your time and money? If you’re not convinced that you need to hire a lawyer who specializes in reckless driving, take a few minutes to read these five reasons why investing in a specialized legal defense can be well worth it. After that, keep reading to find out what you should look for in an attorney.

1. The Case Outcome Could be Better with an Experienced Lawyer

Although you might have a perfectly logical reason for exceeding the speed limit, defending yourself is likely never the best option unless you have legal training. Even then, hiring a trained attorney who is well-versed in traffic laws and has experience negotiating reckless driving cases could result in the best outcome. You might also be concerned about the cost of hiring representation, but your fines and court costs could add up to considerably more if you are convicted of the charges.  If you haven’t already, learn how to build an emergency fund to help take care of unexpected costs like a legal defense.

2. The Attorney Will Have Confidence in Representing You

An attorney who doesn’t specialize in reckless driving cases might not seem knowledgeable and confident enough for you to consider hiring him, but one who specializes in these kinds of traffic law cases will. Look for an attorney who is confident in his ability to represent you and has the experience to back up his claims. For example, Schwartzapfel lawyers in New York state their qualifications up front, “We are not just another law firm out there trying to make a name for itself. On the contrary, we are experienced criminal lawyers, who have been fully trained to handle cases related to traffic offenses specifically.”

3. Your Job Requires You to Drive

If your license is suspended, you might be able to make arrangements to get where you need to go without actually driving. But if a requirement of your present job is driving, and you’re facing the consequences of a suspended license, you’ll have major issues. In fact, you’ll no longer be able to drive legally as part of your job, which might cause you to lose your job and your income.

4. You’ve Had Other Traffic-Related Convictions

If you have other traffic-related convictions on your record, the court might take them into account when deciding whether to convict you of reckless driving. Other traffic convictions can make you seem like a careless driver in general, which can be even more difficult to defend on your own.

5. You Were Speeding Way Above the Speed Limit

Although 20 miles or over above the speed limit is considered reckless driving, the faster you were going, and the circumstances surrounding your speed all have a bearing on your case. If you were speeding way above the speed limit, especially in an area where foot traffic is known to occur, it would likely be more difficult to defend your actions.

What You Should Look for in an Attorney

Now that you know why investing in specialized legal representation is worth it, here’s a few things you should look for in an attorney.

1. Free Consultation

Look for an attorney that offers a free consultation, so that you can meet the attorney and explain your situation. Sitting down in advance with an attorney who you might choose to represent you can help you get a feel for how attentive the attorney will be, how informed he is and whether you feel comfortable turning your legal defense over to him — all for no cost.

2. Payment Options

Find out in advance what kind of payment options the attorney can provide you with should you choose to hire him. For example, you might want to use a credit card for payment, so you can pay off your debt gradually instead of having to pay in full up front.

3. Possibility That the Lawyer You Consult With Will be the One Who Works With You

Sometimes that attorney you consult with might not be the one that ultimately represents you in your case. That could be a disappointing turn of events if the attorney you initially consulted with made you feel comfortable and confident about working with him. To avoid surprises, ask if you’ll be working with the lawyer you consult with or if another lawyer will possibly be assigned to your case.


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