5 Penny Stocks to Watch in 2019

To earn money trading penny stocks, you must make smart decisions about which companies to invest in. The goal is to maximize your profits while minimizing your risk. This means looking for companies that are profitable and have strong business plans. With this in mind, here are five penny stock to watch in 2019.

Entravision Communications Co. (NYSE: EVC)

This California-based media company targets Hispanic audiences in the United States. It currently owns nearly 60 Spanish-language television stations and 48 radio stations in major Hispanic markets. The company strategically broadcasts in some of the fastest-growing Spanish regions, such as in California and Texas.

Why should you care? Entravision caters to a Latino population in the U.S. that’s growing rapidly. Currently, the Hispanic population in this country is 58.9 million, and it’s projected to reach 111 million by 2060. You can only expect Entravision to experience similar growth as its audience expands.

Container Store Group Inc. (NYSE: TCS)

The Container Store Group sells storage and organization products both in retail and online. Its retail side has expanded rapidly in the past couple of years, launching 80 new stores in the United States. This has helped the company experience 277 percent net income and 7 percent revenue growth during that time. The Container Store Group is making other smart financial moves, as well, such as paying off its debt. If you’re looking for penny stocks in a company that makes sound business decisions, look no further.

RiceBran Technologies (NYSE: RIBT) 

This small food-processing company develops and brings to market products made of rice bran for both human and animal consumption. As a global leader in rice-bran-derived products, it has reported consistent revenue gains. The company is also continuing to expand, having recently announced the purchase of Golden Ridge Rice Mills‘ facility in Arkansas, which is expected to add $20 million in sales. RiceBran Technologies has also bolstered its sales and certification team.

Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (NYSE: CETV)

Image via Flickr by Katherine Ridgley

This media and entertainment company in Central and Eastern Europe broadcasts to an audience of 40 million via 29 television stations. Warner Media bought into it in 2009 and has continued to increase its ownership percentage over the years — a good sign to potential investors. In the last four years alone, Central European Media Enterprises’ income has increased by 121 percent and shows no indications of slowing. Meanwhile, the company is working to reduce its debt

CorMedix Inc. (NYSE: CRMD)

This biotech company develops and brings to market pharmaceutical products and medical devices. It has several new products in development that could continue to boost its growth. One that investors should be excited about is Neutrolin, a medical device designed to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections. The device is currently undergoing clinical trials for FDA approval. If this product makes it to market, stock values could rise significantly. Furthermore, the company currently has no debt.

If you’re looking for exciting penny stocks that have more potential upside than down, keep an eye on these five as they continue to experience growth and development.

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