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5 Fun and Affordable 4th of July Activities

National holidays have been a welcome respite from the mundane and hectic routine of an average working citizen. Even for those people who love their jobs, an extra holiday is always welcomed with both arms. But there’s something about the 4th of July holiday that makes it markedly more significant and festive than other holidays. And, it would be great to have fun and affordable 4th of July activities with your family.

The high spirits of patriotism that it brings call for some exciting activities. But what to do if you’re on a budget? Here is a list of 4th of July activities to help you keep up the patriotic spirit without being too heavy on your pocket. Tips on saving more and enjoying more.

1. Camping trip

 Plan a camping trip with your friends or family on this holiday. The best thing about camping is how affordable it is. You don’t even have to go anywhere because you can easily camp in your backyard.

You just need a tent, some comforters, and pillows. Gather a few friends and some S’mores for the night. Bring your guitars and musical instruments along to enjoy singing patriotic songs to enhance the holiday spirit.

2. Movie Night

Movie nights always guarantee a good time. If you’re not up for extravagant nights and fireworks and just want to chill with a few people around then, this is the option for you. You could invite a few friends over snacks and drinks to cozy up in your living room.

Another option would be to set a projector up in your backyard. Some fairy lights and a lovely firepit would level the ambiance up. Look at Vogue’s 4th of July movie guide for movie suggestions.

3. Hiking trip

An excellent affordable and accessible adventure is hiking. Hiking requires no extravagant expenditures since all you need is a hiking stick and some sneakers. It’s a great way to spend the holiday and is a refreshing break from your routine urban life. You could hike up to a place where you could watch the fireworks, a splendid way to enjoy the holiday in spirit.

4. Minimalist Waterpark

The temperatures are expected to rise this independence day. Going to the beach is a good option, but an even better and much more affordable one is a waterpark in your backyard!

You heard it right. A backyard water fest is a unique and refreshing way to spend the holiday. All you need are the sprinklers in your backyard or even just a hose. Get in your swimsuits this 4th of July to beat the heat with patriotism.

You could make a themed event out of it by wearing flag colors and getting red, blue, and white water balloons for a good old water fight.

5. Flag Painting

A creative take on the 4th of July holiday would be a flag painting activity. You could take out all your paints, glitters markers, and other stationery to make beautiful and creative flags to waive on the 4th of July. It’s a fun activity which won’t cost too much, and you’ll end up with beautiful flags in time for the fireworks.

This concludes some of the best, fun, and affordable activities to do on Independence day and make the most of this holiday.


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