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4 Worst Ways To Impress Your Boss

Everyone has their own work experiences and stories, and we have all heard some great ways to get noticed and get ahead at work. Then there are some things we definitely don’t want to do. Sometimes we slip up, but here the four worst things you can do that will get you noticed at work – for the wrong reasons.

1. Let Him Catch You Shopping Online

Nobody works 100% efficiently from 9-5 each day, but there’s a difference between letting your mind wander a little and getting your work done and making it clear that you have your own set of priorities during those hours. What’s better than spending money as you earn it?

2. Say Goodbye at 5pm Every Day, No Matter What

If you don’t care about company performance, you’re there to do your work, you have one eye on the clock, and as soon as the clock hits 5pm, you’re out of there like a fat kid in dodgeball. Who cares if you finish, it will be there for you to take care of in the morning!

3. Fall Asleep During Meetings

Sitting in a dark room on a free conference call at 2:30pm never wakes anyone up, but your boss will be especially upset if you make him look bad in front of others. Drink coffee to stay awake! And try your hardest to make the most of the teleconferencing session. Even if you’re got nothing to add, take notes and your odds of getting whiplash from snapping awake when the lights turn on increase tenfold. But hey, who wouldn’t love a nice little nap to break up the day?

4. Focus…On Yourself!

We all want to get our work done and we all hate the annoying distractions during the day. But when a teammate needs help and you’re constantly “too busy,” you won’t earn any brownie points around the time of your performance review. It’s always smart to participate in conference calls, it shows that you are a contributor to the company.



  1. Counter points…

    1.) Unless you are shopping for a work-related product.

    2.) What if you get in at 5am every day?

    3.) Nothing here…that’s bad :)

    4.) This is my only “real” point of difference. While it is great to maintain a collective, team mindset – becoming too enthusiastic can sell yourself short. If you have aspirations of moving higher, your boss may be reluctant to let you leave since they’ve found such a good worker bee or your co-worker may not bring up the fact that you helped them finish this big project on time when its their review.

    So, I’d add that you should focus on yourself for your assignments, but be open/willing to the idea of help your teammates out.

  2. Can I add some?
    *Be a general bummer. Always be negative about the latest ideas, and try to bring down others with you. Misery loves company!

    *Give a false impression of your progress on a project. Tell that boss what they want to hear – until it is too late. Then create a giant emergency. (Your coworkers will love you for that too.)

    *Take vacation days during the critical point of a project.

  3. Wow, yeah I’d say number 3 is pretty much career suicide haha…

    All great points, I would also recommend not to spend so much time chatting to fellow coworkers. I’ve seen some coworkers experience repercussions for excessive… workplace flirting…that’s a good way to put it :)

    Also Ira has a great point, that happened to me once:)

    • @Financial Samurai, Not at all, work has actually been great! But I’ve seen a few things recently that lead me to believe their next promotions are inching farther away.

  4. 1. Let Him Catch You Shopping Online
    That’s blocked from work.

    2. Say Goodbye at 5pm Every Day, No Matter What
    We have to…even though we are salaried, we somehow are also eligible for overtime (non-exempt status or something), so when we hit 40 hours, we have to leave. :-)

    3. Fall Asleep During Meetings
    Yeah, that’s just bad…we only have 2 meetings a year so we are expected to stay awake.

    4. Focus On Yourself!
    This would get us into our own problems…my job is very learn-as-you-go, so if one person decided not to share, they would be cut off by the rest and really be up the creek.

    But here’s one that will get you fired:

    1. Pass gas at a customer site multiple times in a closed room.

    They didn’t come out and say that’s why the guy was let go, but it happened right after the customer complained to the supervisor that it had been happening all week…

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