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4 Ways to Take a Frugal Vacation

The winter months are slowly starting to end and spring will soon be upon us. If you’ve had a winter like I’ve experienced this year (non-stop snow and ice) then a vacation is definitely on your mind. With a little planning in advance and some creativity you can take a nice vacation for much less than you think. Here’s how.

Open a Travel Rewards Credit Card

Travel rewards credit cards are popping up everywhere. When you open a new account you normally have to charge a certain amount of money in a specified period of time to receive rewards. By opening up just one card and charging your normal expenses you may rack up enough points for a fully paid flight or hotel room.

Just be sure to research the cards terms and conditions as well as the sign up bonus so that you can find the perfect card for you.

Look for Last Minute Deals

When hotels need to fill rooms they’ll offer substantial discounts to last minute bookers. Look for promotions on various travel sites to see what you can find. You can often find great beach holiday deals and other similar promotions.

Granted you may not get the perfect room but if you’re willing to make a small sacrifice you can save a lot of money.

Visit Family

If you have family in another (maybe warmer) state then taking a trip to visit them can be an awesome way to save money and have fun.

You can use your airline miles to catch a flight or you could drive to meet up with your family. If they have enough room (and it’s convenient for them) stay at their house and let them show you all the local hot spots.

Consider an Inexpensive Trip

With proper planning you can score a trip around the country fairly cheap. But if you’re only looking to getaway for a few days then you can save yourself even more money.

Here are a few inexpensive ideas.

Go Camping – Once the weather starts improving camping can be the perfect frugal vacation. You can rent a cabin in a remote location or bring your own tent and gear. Camping can be a very inexpensive way for you to slip out of your normal routine and enjoy nature. It’s also a perfect vacation for families.

Explore Your State – If you don’t want to travel too far from home take a weekend to explore your state. Visit museums, stay at a hotel with a pool, and walk around new cities. This could be a great family adventure.

Go to the Beach – Take a couple days to break away from your normal routine and stay in a hotel around your local beach. If you have kids they’ll love splashing around in the water and playing in the sand. You can also save money by barbequing at night. And you can relax with your significant other by taking a long walk across the beach.

Start Planning

If you start planning now you should be able to map out a couple of inexpensive vacations that you and your family can take throughout the year.

Get creative. Taking a vacation doesn’t have to drain your savings.



  1. Great tips. I have made a ton of cheap trips by visiting family and by finding interesting trips that are on specials and nearby. That’s why we take cruises pretty often – we are right next to the port and can travel during their off seasons.

  2. Delightful and informative read about taking a cheap trip. Money doesn’t need to hold you back when you want to enjoy yourself and relax.

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