4 Ways to Ensure You Will Land a Dream Job After College

The college graduate faces a common crisis these days: no job. Too many undergrads find themselves out of work and out of luck after college. If you worry about this, then read on my friend. You can put your future in your control. Don’t just rely on your degree, do everything you can to guarantee yourself work once you graduate. Check out these great tips for ensuring you will land your dream job once you have your hands on that hard-earned degree.

1. Network

This first tip often proves as the most important aspect of getting any job. Some may argue that it’s the only way to really make it anywhere in life in general.

College provides an amazing time for networking, one which most people do not take proper advantage of. Just make connections, don’t worry too much about where they lead. You never know what bridges may greatly benefit you in the future. Don’t ever feel embarrassed about reaching out to a connection, even if it seems pointless at-the-time. You’ll not only have more connections, but a greater reputation as well for your friendliness and generally cooperative attitude.

2. Volunteer

Essentially a particularly involved form of networking, volunteering certainly leaves a good impression on potential employers. Volunteering proves your dedication to your field, which can sometimes be difficult traits to find in employees.

If you plan on going into any field in which passion is the most highly desired trait in an employee, you must volunteer. Also, volunteering opens up the door to so many other networking opportunities, simply because you’ve opened yourself up to interacting with more people. You gain experience in the process, learning more about the field, which you can use to help make a smarter search for future jobs. You also gain confidence by immersing yourself in an environment (hopefully) similar to your future career.

3. Follow the News

Researching everything you can about the current field, and staying as up to date as possible are great ways to prepare you for your job search. A News App from Fisher Investments allows you to stay up to date with only the best and most valuable information on investing. Websites like ehn-jobs.com help keep you informed on the current state of environmental health jobs. Find a good news website about the field you’re interested in and learn as much as you can about that field.

4. Apply, Apply, and Apply More

If you want a job, you’ve got to apply for one. Many people apply for countless jobs without ever getting even an interview. But does it stop them? Not the ones who have jobs right now.

Apply for your dream jobs, apply for jobs in your field, and apply for jobs not in your field. Treat it like school in that you do your best work on each application. Besides, after a while they start getting easier as you completely memorize your information, your references’ phone numbers and addresses, and even how you prefer to answer application questions.

Follow these tips thoroughly, and you’ll be a few steps closer to landing your dream job.

4 Ways to Ensure You Will Land a Dream Job After College

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Ensure You Will Land a Dream Job After College

  1. I think networking is definitely key… The bigger your network and people that know you, the less #4 (applying) becomes the mad scramble that it can be, because you could have the inside track. Sometimes, it boils down to luck to… but of course, the harder you work, the luckier you get!

  2. Networking and (paid or unpaid) internships are the most valuable ways to get that dream job. It helps if you have the skills and experience for the job too.

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