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$4 Movie Tickets at Fandango and

UPDATE: This deal is now live to the general public. Just head over to their site and claim your tickets, as of this update there were over 70,000 tickets still available!

Instead of the regular post I had scheduled, I wanted to make you aware of a great way to reduce the high cost of a movie experience through a promotion by Sprint.

Note: I have no relationship with Sprint and I get nothing if you click on these links and buy. There’s nothing in it for me, but I just wanted to give you an opportunity to catch a deal you might not be aware of.

For the past 6 weeks people have been registering for this promotion. Tickets started at $14.50, and the more people that signed up, the lower tickets went. And now, tickets have gotten to the lowest level, $4, and they are making 100,000 tickets available to those who signed up. If you’re interested, check out the details.

Well, I took full advantage of this. As you know, tickets can cost a ton of money, so this would be a great way to reduce the cost of a movie experience.

I found a loophole in this rules that allows anyone to get cheap tickets, even if you didn’t sign up during the proper time period, so here are some very specific steps for you on how you too can get $4 movie tickets.

1.Go to
2. In the text box, enter movile number 312-772-2537.
3. Enter your zip code.
4. Click on the theater where you would use these tickets (the theater you choose will determine whether you get tickets for Fandango or
5. Select one or two tickets (Either one for $4 or two for $8)
6. Enter your paypal address or credit card information


Once you receive your confirmation, you will receive an email. You can do this once per paypal address (which you can add several of in your settings if you want multiple tickets), so have at it!

Tickets expire on October 15th, so you have 2 months to use them! Enjoy, and let me know if you got the deal and think it’s worth it!



    • @peggy, Yah they’re having lots of issues with it, too much traffic that they weren’t expecting I guess. I’ve been checking periodically, and it looks like there are still 85,000 remaining, which is good.

  1. Great discount! We are too busy with the baby to go anywhere though. We got lucky and was able to go see Jay Leno talk about his car collection last weekend, but I think that will be it for a long time.

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