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4 Healthy Habits That Can Save You Money

Are you looking for easy ways to feel and look good without breaking the bank? You’re in luck. Today, we’re going to tell just how easy it is to build healthy habits, stay fit and healthy, and save money! 

Here are four simple tips to get you started in the right direction.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Feeling thirsty? Instead of grabbing a Coke or a glass of juice, how about reaching for your bottle of water? 

By opting for water, it’s a simple way to save money. For example, one can of Coke Cola costs $1.29. If you drink one a day, that’s almost $470 a year. Plus, by passing off your soda, you’re cutting your calorie intake- nearly 140 calories per can. By the way, did you know that it takes 50 minutes of running or 5 miles of walking to burn off that one Coke?

So picking up your reusable water bottle every time you’re thirsty is good for your health and wallet – and the planet!

2. Make Your Own Lunch 

ure, ordering a sandwich for lunch is convenient. However, a homemade meal is by far a healthier option than takeout food- and a lot cheaper.

Preparing your own lunch is not as difficult as it seems. You simply need to plan and prep a couple of meals in advance. Refrigerate or freeze them to help you through the week.

Another tip is to prepare a little extra for dinner. Reinvent a lunch using the leftovers. For instance, if you’ve had a grilled chicken steak with salad for dinner, dice the leftover steak and mix it into the salad. Instant grilled chicken salad!

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3. Use Your Car Less

You don’t need to hop into your car for every errand. Consider riding your bike or walking. For instance, depending on how near you live, try walking to and from work. 

Besides saving money on gas, you’ll be incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. It’s great for people who don’t have time to go to the gym (no gym membership fees- yet another way to save!). Health experts say that a mere 15-minute walk can help decrease body fat, enhance your mood, and improve the quality of sleep, among other benefits.

4. Go To Bed Early

Sleeping is a great way to save money. You’re using less electricity, don’t get the midnight munchies (you won’t be eating more food), and you won’t buy anything online!

But jokes aside, sleeping at least 6-7 hours a night keeps you healthy and reduces the chances of hypertension, obesity, and diabetes type 2 (fewer medical bills!). You’ll agree that a good night’s sleep makes you happier, more alert, and a more productive person the next day.

Over To You

No doubt you’ve probably read countless blogs on how important it is to take care of your health. But the habits mentioned above are manageable, inexpensive ways to stay active all day, every day. More importantly, they’re simple tips that will help keep you energized, happy, and positive.

So, are you ready to start implementing them into your lifestyle?

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