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3 Reasons Your Side Hustle is Failing

You started a side hustle to bring in some extra money only the extra money isn’t coming. Instead you feel like you’re just wasting your time. You begin to wonder what all the hype about creating another stream of income is anyway. It feels impossible to you.

The problem is though, when you’re first starting out you’re going to make some big mistakes. Mistakes that eat up all your time and bring you no money.

If you’re side hustle is failing it’s probably because you’re doing one of these things.

# 1 – You Focus on the Stuff that Doesn’t Matter

Are you spending a ton of time on your side hustle but reaping little to no results? If so, you’re not focusing on the important things.

For example, let’s say that you’re trying to build a new blog that brings in a few extra hundred dollars each month. You start your blog, throw up a few posts, and then go and comment on other blogs like it’s going out of style. You spend 2-3 hours per day commenting and maybe 30 minutes writing and promoting your own content – something that most new bloggers do.

That’s not good.

While you do need socialize with others it does no good if they click on your name only to read your blog with terrible content. How likely are they to share your stuff with their followers? Not likely.

Instead you should be focusing on making your blog unique to the space and commenting on other blogs in moderation. If you really wanted to build your blog you’d be spending an hour and a half a day on guest posting, thirty minutes a day commenting, and another hour or so writing content for your own blog.

This lesson doesn’t just apply to blogging, though. Regardless of your side hustle, if you’re spending several hours a day and bringing in zero results you’re screwing up somewhere. Think about the things you really need to do to see results. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and get those things done!

# 2 – You’re Not Building Relationships

Let’s look at the above example again. You’re a new blogger and you’re wasting your time leaving so-so comments on a hundred blogs a day. You want to get the attention of a bigger blogger so you think that commenting on their every post is going to work. But in most cases, it’s not.

What you should do instead is leave a couple comments on their blog and then shoot them an email. Let them know you really love their blog and you’re just starting out. Tell them you admire their work and ask for some suggestions or offer to guest post for them.

If you’re doing any type of side hustle online use email to your advantage. You can build a far better relationship with someone by landing in their inbox verses leaving a comment on their blog. And the awesome thing is most people are happy to help you in any way possible. Don’t be scared to send someone an email.

As for offline side hustles you’ve got even more work cut out for you. Since you don’t have the ability to hide behind a computer screen you need to get yourself out there and meet the people who can help you. Find one mentor who can give you some tips and then go out there and market your business like crazy.

# 3 – You Don’t Have a Strategy

What’s your strategy for making money? Are you offering some type of service? Do you have a product to sell? You need to be crystal clear on how your new side hustle is going to make you money.

Once you are crystal clear you need to be able to effectively communicate why you’re the person someone should work with or buy from.

You need to make a list of the things you can do to draw customers in. Experiment a lot. If you find one particular method is working well concentrate on that. Don’t spend your time doing things that are bringing you minimal results.

Final Thoughts

When you start a new side hustle it can take a while before you bring in any income. However, by avoiding these mistakes you’ll be able to grow at a faster rate. If you only remember one thing it should be to do what brings you results! Remember, it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. It only matters what YOU are doing.



  1. Daniel, I think another reason side hustles fail is because those don’t create an urgency like your primary job position does. There’s no “burn the ships” mentality so seeing a side hustle dwindle or fail isn’t as big of a deal. Good post!

  2. Interesting perspective, Daniel. I’m new to blogging and learning all the time. Reading many blogs is very difficult, I must say, even though I enjoy it. Everyone has their own take on a particular nuance. I came here from Hayley’s roundup, BTW!

  3. Relationship building is huge in any business. When I started blogging, meeting others like you helped me grow faster online. With my pet sitting business, I’ve gotten jobs from just random people I talk to when out and about. Networking is king.

  4. I totally agree with you. There are many things to be done first in order to succeed. And relationship is definitely the big part on having side hustle. You really need to connect to people to build trust.

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