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2014 Business and Personal Finance Goals

I set the bar high for my 2013 goals, so I’m using that knowledge to create goals for 2014.

I am leaving out steps on the way to achieving my goals (like fully funding out Roth IRAs and contributing to 401(k)s) because they would have simply been checkboxes and I don’t believe in setting goals that are more of a given than anything else. It’s not impressive to make a long list of achievable goals and when you accomplish 18 out of 20, to claim that 90% were completed when really those last 2 were the most important. So here are my 2014 personal finance and business goals.

1. Grow My Blog Carnival Submission Service To Over $500/Month

This past year, I started a blog carnival submission service, which is now bringing in $300+ per month. I am definitely looking to grow that, to over $500/month. This will involve contacting bloggers who could use our service and putting in more time networking. There are other benefits to networking, so I’m actually looking forward to this goal.

2. Create At Least Two New Streams Of Income That Bring In $100 Per Month.

Last year I set one large goal for the year of earning $10,000 from non-blog related income. By July, I knew that I set the bar too high and had no chance of achieving the goal. This time, I’m setting smaller goals that are built for the long-term. I want to create two separate streams of income that bring in at least $100 per month. I have an idea for one, and by not setting a goal of a set amount of income for the year, I don’t have the pressure from day 1 that could make or break the annual goal.

3. Keep Discretionary Spending to 105% of 2013 Levels

The 50% goal for 2013 worked last year, but I learned that the amount we save is largely dependent on how much we make. A boost or reduction in income makes much more of a difference in this goal than how much we cut spending. So this year, I want to keep our discretionary spending to 105% of what we spent in 2013.

While no lifestyle inflation would be great, I already see some fairly large expenditures on the horizon for this year, including 3 weddings (one international). We are getting smarter when it comes to our spending, so I think the 105% goal is reasonable and would be good to know we’re staying within our means.

Our new car is going to cost us $374 a month, which won’t count toward this goal. Our typical grocery bill, insurance, and rent and utilities won’t count toward this goal, but nearly everything else will.

How We’ll Hold Ourselves Accountable

Similar to last year, I’ll do quarterly updates to track progress and we’ll review our progress regularly and adjust where necessary. I’m looking forward to documenting our progress and achieving this goal!

What are your 2014 goals? How have they changed since last year?



  1. There’s a lot I want to accomplish this year! I want to find another income stream that will bring in a couple hundred dollars per month.

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