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1% Banker Left A 1% Tip and Idiotic Advice for Waitress

I just read this story about a jerk 1% banker and was totally blown away.

For those who don’t want to click over, basically this banker went to a restaurant, ordered $133.54 worth of food, ate it, and paid. Except that instead of paying a normal tip of 15%, he left a tip of just $1.33, just 1% of his bill! Kind of a jerk move. But to top it off, he circled the tip and left a tip of his own: “GET A REAL JOB.”


None of this makes any sense to me. Has he not eaten at a restaurant before? Did he not know what to expect? When I go out to eat, I know that someone will be serving me food and I know that that is their job and they probably earn a living based on tips. Does he ever leave a tip? Is not leaving a tip his way of saying that being a waitress sucks so you should find a “real job,” which I’m sure is easier said than done?

The guy is clearly a huge jerk, but I don’t think he’s even thought through what he wrote.

If everyone had his mindset that being a waitress isn’t a real job, and if everyone got real jobs, who would serve his food? Who would shine his shoes? The world clearly revolves around this guy, but if everyone is like him, how will people continue to serve him? Also, what would the world be like with so many jerks walking around? Doesn’t sound like a pleasant place to be.

I applaud the banker’s coworker to snapping the photo and putting it on his blog, Future Ex Banker, which has since been taken down. But now that it’s such a popular story, he’s probably going to be outed, and maybe his blog title will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.



  1. I think that story turned out to be fake–the restaurant located the original receipt and the bill was more like $33 with a $7 tip, and no nasty comment. Sort of wouldn’t make sense that someone would be so nasty, particularly when the server could mess them up with their credit card number (sure, it’d be hugely illegal, but why take that chance?).

  2. The receipt has already been proven fraudulent. Probably some Occupy Wall Street member trying to advance his/her case.

  3. LOL. Whether this is legitimate or not, I do think everybody in this country should be forced to work a customer service position for a period of time.

    It’s really amazing how people treat others at grocery stores and especially servers.

    You can tell a lot about a person when you observe the way they interact with others that are in a service position.

  4. On the one hand, I’m angry at the idea of this, but on the other, speaking as a former waitress, it’s almost comical. Like, seriously, waitressing isn’t a real job? Anyone who truly believes that has clearly never worked a real day in their life.

    I’m glad to hear this is a hoax, but on the same hand, I’m sure this stuff happens every day and just doesn’t go viral.

  5. What I think is interesting is that someone would photoshop a receipt to make up some false story about the 1% banker crowd. That is truly mean-spirited.

    And then the reactions include “well I’m sure this stuff happens every day.” Well I’m fairly certain it does not. I’m part of the 52% who actually work and pay taxes and act with honesty and integrity rather than photo shopping mean spirited images and then claiming that they represent truths that happen every day.

  6. As far as those banksters go. I say Lets exchange those three piece suits and briefcases for a good pick a shovel a bucket and some pinstripes. That way that banker will really learn what a real job really is.

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