Yakezie Carnival #3: Benefits Edition

When I joined the Yakezie group, I did so because I wanted to network with other personal finance bloggers, get linked to, and see my Alexa rank rise. What I did not realize is that I was joining a fantastic group and there were many more benefits that I didn’t even consider.

I love the selfless spirit of the Yakezie. I love that people are donating their time and skills to the group so that everyone will benefit. I’d like to send a few shout outs to those who have done some terrific work for the group: Early Retirement Extreme for creating the idea and form for the short carnival, Frugal Zeitgeist for the awesome widget he’s created, and finally Eliminate the Muda and Financial Samurai for the hard work they have put in to make the group so successful.

First I’d like to highlight the seven newbies and then we’ll get to the group as a whole.

Personal Finance Journey presents 5 Lessons Learned from My Encounter with a Financial Advisor

151 Days Off presents Is Frugality the New Superiority?

Out of Debt Again presents I Tried To Shop At Whole Foods But I Couldn’t Make Myself Do It

Narrow Bridge presents How I Make Money Online: Successes and Failures (Part II)

Cool to be Frugal presents Should I Put My Emergency Fund into a Roth IRA?

Personal Finance Ninja presents How to Get the Most Out of Your Money: Rocks, Pebbles, & Sand

Saving Money Today presents Disposable Products Cost More In The End

Rainy-Day Saver presents Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction? No, Thanks

Canadian Finance Blog presents What is Financial Literacy? Part 1

Clarifinancial presents Life Insurance Secret #7: Permanent Life Insurance isn’t Always Permanent

Free From Broke presents Pay Off Highest Interest Or Highest Balance Credit Card – Analysis Paralysis

Beating Broke presents LifeLock Hit with $12 Million Fine

My Journey to Millions presents How Financial Planners SHOULD Act

Eliminate The Muda! presents Earning a Living or Living an Earning

Engineer Your Finances presents Ignore Social Norms and Save More

Well-Heeled Blog presents Household Finance and Gender Roles: Women Budget, Men Invest?

Money Funk presents Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee (Frugal Tip)

Wealth Pilgrim presents Make Sure Your IRA Beneficiary Gets Your Money When You Go

MyMoneyMinute presents Estate Planning 101

Credit Card Chaser presents CARD Act Guide

Early Retirement Extreme presents Marginal earnings, when working is no longer worth it

Ultimate Money Blog presents Why it’s Frugal to live in Arizona

Financial Samurai presents The Mental To Physical Connection For A Healthier Lifestyle

14 Responses to Yakezie Carnival #3: Benefits Edition

  1. The Yakezie Challenge has been a wonderful experience for me. I’ve been meeting more and more PF bloggers all the time. I had no idea how large this community was before really diving in! I only wish I had more Real Life friends who loved to talk about finance haha. I cant tell you how many blank stares I’ve gotten!
    .-= myfinancialobjectives´s last blog ..The Ultimate Motivator: Compounding Interest =-.

  2. Awesome! Welcome new challengers! I gotta say, some of the MOST interesting bloggers are the most unknown and newest ones. The reason is because there isn’t an incessant amount of affiliate related posts (not to say this is bad, it’s just less interest). It’s more personal and unique.

    To hear new stories from new people is THE BEST!

    Fight on.


    .-= Financial Samurai´s last blog ..Sometimes Saving Money Is About Principle =-.

  3. Nice roundup, not had a chance to read every post here but the ones I have were great as usual.
    .-= Forest´s last blog ..Garbage City – Now That’s Entrepenuralism =-.

  4. I’ve been hearing about the Yakezie group. i think they are the most fast growing. Surely i will get to join the race.
    .-= innocent´s last blog ..How Social Media Sites Make Money Online =-.

  5. Thanks for including me in the carnival. It is fun to see all of the Yakezie crew’s best new posts in this format. Thanks for the hard work of putting it all together.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Would A 20% Tax Make You Give Up Candy and Soft Drinks? =-.

  6. Hey thanks for the link love… I am alsmost done on creating the widget in wordpress plugin form… great leaps for me as I have never made a plugin before :)

    Yakezie has been nothing short of awesome. My Alexa is dropping fast and I am almost sub 200k now!!! I got a bit behind on my Yakezie reading but am catching up and commenting on everyone’s posts that I can today.

    .-= Forest´s last blog ..FREE DOWNLOAD -Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin =-.