Throw your Own Party to Save on Your New Year’s Eve

Have you survived Christmas? Good. Has your bank account survived as well? Even better – because the best is yet to come. The night between the years is traditionally spent with a party, which involves a lot of food, and even more drinks. And some of them are the “good stuff”, or at least it should be – you wouldn’t shame yourself with a bottle of cheap sparkling wine instead of a good champagne, would you?

But when you are on a budget, you might find the idea of the whole New Year’s celebration to be too much of a burden. But fear not – there are ways to feel great even without raiding your piggy bank and exploring the underside of the couch for loose change. For example, by throwing your own party on New Year’s Eve.

But before anything else, you need to rest after the festive nights. Take time to recover after Christmas. Allocate as much time to yourself and your loved ones as possible, and find ways to keep your mind off any problems that would cause you to be stressful. I, for one, find playing a few hands of blackjack to be the best way keep my mind off the real world for a while. Royal Vegas has all the games I like to play the most, and some of the best special offers to back them up. Aside from the generous welcome bonus, Royal Vegas always offers some great monthly specials to its players. This month, for example, it has a promotions with guaranteed prizes – and its best part is that I also get to decide if I want to be Naughty or Nice (in the holiday spirit, of course). Besides, playing at Royal Vegas offers me peace of mind, as it is one of the most secure gaming venues I’ve ever played at.

To save cash on the New Year’s celebration, forget going out to a bar or a restaurant. Surprising as it may sound, you will be off cheaper – especially if you make it a potluck. I remember a New Year’s party which started out with four people, a tray of sandwiches and some bottles of beer, and it ended with 20 boys and girls, and two days of crumble party afterwards.

Send out the word to your friends that you’re having a party – and announce them to bring anything they can. You can prepare some snacks for the occasion, but nothing fancy. You don’t need to be too sophisticated to have a good time – you can keep your costs low by preparing some hot dogs and burgers, and some desserts. And your guests will most likely handle the drinks for you anyway.

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