Tassimo BrewBot Giveaway

While I’m not a huge fan of coffee, I do drink tea regularly and when given the chance, I love a nice cup of hot chocolate. So when I was given the opportunity to try out the Tassimo T20 BrewBot, I got excited to say the least.

What I was amazed at is the versatility. It not only makes coffee, but lots of different types of cold-weather drinks, including lattes, hot cocoas, and teas. In fact, it can make 7 different drinks. It’s a great gift to give away, or better yet, keep for yourself. And what a better way to kick off the official launch of Winter (yesterday) than to give away a Tassimo T20 BrewBot (a $129.99 value!) to one of my loyal readers? Some people can’t live without their coffee (or espresso or other fancy drink of choice), and it will definitely keep you up late into the night (so that you can read some of my popular posts). And when you want your coffee now, the BrewBot is there to QUICKLY serve you up something delicious.

To Enter:

Subscribe to get blog updates delivered to your email. (If you’re already registered, just let me know in the comments).

Bonus Entry:

Like my Facebook Page and let me know in the comments section.


Winner must live in the US. Entries close on December 28th at 11:59pm EST and the winner will be picked via random.org and will be emailed soon after.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received a BrewBot to review that is similar or identical to the one I am giving away.

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    I’m subscribed and would love to win. My son will be moving out in 6 months (when he turns 18) and says he wants one so bad.

  12. Great giveaway! I subscribe to your email updates.

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  23. I subscribed to email and liked your facebook page.
    I thought the brewbot would brew beer when I saw the RSS title. Coffee is a close 2nd to beer though so it’s all good.
    Well, actually a distance 2nd…… ummmm beer…

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    I subscribed!! Thanks for the chance.

  35. hollie says:

    Wonderful! come on random.org!

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    Nels Olson
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  91. Must live in the U.S.? Boo… this looks like a pretty nice brewer.

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