What Would it Take to Actually Get Out of Debt?

A lot of people have a lot of debt. Debt becomes a way of life, something you can’t imagine yourself living without. For chronic debt-holders, it is understood that some people manage to live without debt. But that seems like such an unlikely possibility that it’s not even worth thinking about. I’m here to tell you that getting out of debt is possible, for just about everybody. But it takes a personal revolution and a total realignment of priorities. That’s a decision that most people aren’t going to make very easily. But what if you had a really good reason?

Debt sticks. And it doesn’t just stick in your life. It holds back future generations, too. It has been shown that children of parents who have a lot of debt find it a lot harder to move up in the world. This includes access to education and home ownership, among many other social factors. But that doesn’t just go for a single generation. Studies have shown that bad money habits tend to run in families for many generations. Even if there is upward mobility happening among the children and grandchildren of debt-ridden folks, it takes a lot longer than the upward mobility of debt-free people’s progeny.

If you have children, or plan to have children, this is a great reason to get out of debt – possibly the best reason. Even if you don’t want to be a parent, you should understand that your debt will hold you back. And it’s not just because you won’t be able to afford things. Debt hurts your credit worthiness, meaning that banks won’t give you good loans to buy houses and cars. Debt forces people down; it’s just the way it works. All the more reason to make a change today.

But how can you do it? Debt elimination requires a new way of living. I would start by canceling all but your oldest credit card. Don’t give yourself the possibility of applying for more. Then work out a budget, spending the bare minimum in all places, including food, fun, and utilities. Then maximize your earning opportunities. If you can work extra hours, work them. If you can take on another job, do it. If you can quit your job and get one that pays more, don’t delay. Devote 6 months of your life to working harder than you ever have before. When the dust settles, look up and figure out the progress you’ve made.

In many countries, the government provides debt-reduction help. After all, debt-free citizens are better for national governments than those who don’t have any money. Taxes, folks. Programs like Trust Deed Scotland can help people by freezing their interest while they spend time focused on eliminating debt. It helps get people off the treadmill of debt, and actually changes lives. See what’s available in your area for debt forgiveness help and even counseling.

After all this work, you’ll start to see a big payoff. You’ll have a lot less worry in your life. You’ll be able to do more things. And your kids will have a much better future. There are literally no downsides to getting rid of debt, except, that is, you actually have to work for it. I don’t want to make it sound like it’s easy, or that you’re a bad person if you have debt. It happens to almost all of us. What I am saying is that almost all of us can make the necessary change.

Online Surveys: One of the best unconventional ways of making money

Everyone wants to earn quick money. However, many people do not believe that it is actually possible in real life. As a matter of fact, it is indeed possible to possible to make money in quick time. This is made possible through internet. Each and every person has internet access nowadays but most of them don’t know how internet can offer some unconventional methods of making money. Earning money online has never been as easy as it has been today. Some ways of making money through internet include online surveys, selling in online marketplaces, doing an internet based freelance job, marketing affiliate products, etc. Be careful of websites talking about make money methods that are not always true, for example: don’t play online casino to make money without visiting a trusted site like this one http://www.top5onlinecasino.ca. Having said that, before starting any of such jobs, you must have the right knowledge for each field.

Online Surveys

Among all other ways of making money, online surveys serve as the most abundant way of getting quick money. This is because there are numerous surveys out there which cover different types of topics. Several anti-scam sites claim that online surveys are scam. Instead, there are actually some real companies that want to continuously develop their services and products. These companies need their target market’s opinions for serving them better. Some of them indeed pay people for filling up the surveys.

Online survey participation is very easy and is a very quick method of making money. Generally, these surveys are multiple choice questionnaires regarding a product or a service. The approximate time taken to complete these surveys is 10 minutes. The amount of money you make through these surveys depend on the time spent on filling them. You can even make as much as $50 for completing a single survey.

Sites conducting online surveys

There are several sites which conduct surveys. Usually, such site serve as intermediaries for multinational corporations which are looking for a feedback on their products and services. Most of these surveys are usually free but there are even some which have a requirement of participant paying some money. Such sites provide more money as compared to free sites. So, they offer bigger profits.

It is extremely important that you check for legitimacy of a site before you start participating in survey. There are some span sites which use the participant’s personal information through survey. You should be aware of such sites.

Tips for ensuring that online survey is profitable for you

If you become a member of a survey conducting site whose database contains legitimate companies, you are ensure that you will be paid for the surveys. You don’t need to worry about your time and effort being wasted. It is also advisable that you open and maintain a separate email account which is dedicated to survey sites. If you participate in various surveys, you inbox is bound to be filled with several survey prospects.

You should always go for short surveys, as they offer quickest way of making money. Since you are paid on completing the survey, you get quicker money through short surveys. Taking multiple short surveys can provide you with more money.

How to Make an Extra $1,000 Per Month

How to Make an Extra $1,000 Per MonthFor many people, an extra $1,000 per month can go a long way. It can help you catch up on your bills, give you less stress, and even allow the occasional splurge. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on tress, so you’ll need to get creative to make it happen. Let’s take a look at some pretty effective ways at earning an extra $1,000 per month.


Do you have a vehicle and some spare time? Then give Uber a try! With Uber, you’ll have the ability to become your own independent taxi service. You’ll get paid weekly, drive on your own schedule, and best of all, be your own boss. Top Uber drivers in the industry are earning upwards of $2,000 per week. Granted, these individuals are driving 16 hours per day. You can probably squeeze in an extra $1,000 per month with Uber by driving a few hours each day. And right now, Uber is giving new drivers a $150 bonus for signing up!


Are you a skilled artist, writer, or programmer? If so, then freelancing might be a better option. As a freelancer, you’ll get paid to help clients from around the world with your specialized skills. If you over deliver on your promises and really “Wow” your customers, there’s no reason why you can’t consistently earn $1,000 every month. Here are a few popular websites where you can freelance for extra money:

  • Elance.com
  • Odesk.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Guru.com

Just sign up, create a profile, and start bidding on projects. You can probably earn an extra $1,000 per month working in your spare time (one to three hours per day). It’s perfect for stay-at-home moms, students, or anyone else who has spare time and would like to earn extra income.

Online Tutoring

Let’s face it: in today’s economy, even people who graduate with degrees are finding it difficult to get hired. Well, there’s no sense in allowing your knowledge to go to waste. Instead, consider becoming an online tutor! It’s fun, easy, and can allow you to earn an extra $1,000 per month in your spare time. Here are a few great websites where you can tutor online:

  • Tutor.com
  • TutorVista.com
  • InstaEDU.com

How does it work? Basically, after creating your account, you’ll be able to tutor elementary, middle school, high school, or college students in the subjects of your choice. All you need to get started is a webcam, a Skype account, and a passion for helping others learn.

Mowing Lawns

As an independent lawn care professional, you can easily earn up to $50 for a small yard. For the sake of this example, let’s be conservative and say that you mow five different yards once per week. That’s $250 per week, which equals $1,000 per month. Let’s also be conservative and say that each yard takes two hours to mow, trim, and blow. That’s only 10 hours of work per week for an extra $1,000 per month. Not bad, right?

Cleaning Homes

Depending on where you live, a reasonably-priced house cleaner can be difficult to come by. Well, why don’t you become the affordable option in town? If you have means of travel, and aren’t afraid of getting your hands dirty, you can easily earn $20+ per hour cleaning someone’s home. Most two-person crews charge residents up to $100 per hour, so by charging much lower than the industry average, you’ll practically guarantee yourself a steady stream of work.

The Importance of an Extra $1,000 Per Month

Remember one thing: earning an extra $1,000 per month can help you in many ways. From decreasing your stress levels to helping you catch up on your bills, it will certainly make your life much easier and more enjoyable. And the best part is that the methods above can be done in your spare time, so you won’t need to sacrifice the things you already enjoy to start making money. In fact, if you can set aside just a few hours each day (sometimes less), there’s no reason why you can start earning $1,000 per month starting as soon as tomorrow.

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