How Burial Insurance Can Bring Peace of Mind

Burial insurance is something that most consumers don’t even consider as an option. Many don’t know that it even exists. This is a good option to have in place in addition to life insurance. Sometimes life insurance just isn’t enough to cover all of the final expenses after medical bills and household expenses.

No Life Insurance

If you do not have life insurance at all, at least consider obtaining a burial insurance policy. These policies are specifically for funeral expenses. Families don’t often have the funds on hand to pay for a funeral when an unexpected death occurs. It is important to have a burial expense policy in place to take care of this and avoid one of the biggest mistakes.

Life insurance policies are also a good idea. Most consumers have the wrong type of policy in place, such as a term life policy. These expire after a period of time and the consumer fails to secure a new policy afterwards.

Easier to Obtain

It is difficult for some members of society to get affordable life insurance due to their age and/or pre-existing health conditions. In most situations, obtaining burial expense insurance does not come with all of these restrictions so it is far easier to obtain. It is ideal to secure a policy that is about one and a half to two times more than the average cost of funerals during the year that you purchase the policy. This ensures that you are purchasing enough coverage should expenses inflate significantly if you live far into your golden years.

Acts as a Backup Funding Source for Final Expenses

If enough life insurance is not in place, the burial expense insurance is available. This coverage should be used for its purpose and the life insurance can be used for medical expenses and other final financial obligations. In 2014, the average, simple funeral costs $10,000 – $12,000, within the next decade, the cost of a funeral is projected to rise an additional $5,000. Take these numbers into consideration when purchasing a burial expense insurance policy.

Making sure that your family has the funds to cover your finale expenses is important. You can find more information about burial insurance at It is a huge financial strain on a family to attempt to pay for these expenses out of pocket, even with several people contributing. Fundraisers take time to setup and there is no guarantee that enough funding will be raised. Ensure that your family will not have financial stress by having the appropriate policies in place.

Turn Every Purchaser Into A Loyal Customer

Do you offer electronic receipts to your customers? Best brands who offer the eReceipt are maximizing the opportunity to turn every purchaser into a loyal customer. Apple was the first to provide eReceipts in 2005. Today, over fifty percent of Wal-Mart’s customers have smartphones and they are looking for a digital experience according to Mobile Commerce Daily. Paperless receipts can provide you with limitless marketing opportunities to turn every customer into a loyal fan of your brand.

Pros of eReceipts

By adding your customer’s email address to your database, you will have the opportunity for your customer to view multiple impressions of your brand with personalized and call-to-action receipt content. You will gather vital data on customer preferences, save resources, and provide customers with a safer, BPA-free receipt alternative. You can augment customer satisfaction, reinforce loyalty programs, and enhance relationships, while you diminish your carbon footprint by implementing the eReceipt option.  You can also request feedback from your customer with checkboxes regarding wait-time, quality, and customer service. The option of an eReceipt creates a line for direct feedback between you and your customer.

Overall eReceipts are a small percentage of the receipts given out at stores, indicating room for growth of implementing this marketing opportunity. However the trend indicates young shoppers will be more likely to choose the eReceipt option. Also, eReceipts are more popular in metropolitan coastal areas and over time smaller cities and towns will be adopted. The most common types of business that offer eReceipts are rental car companies and hotels.

Cons of eReceipts

However, there are inherent burdens associated with electronic receipt marketing. Fifteen states and the District of Columbia have laws limiting the gathering of personal data when a consumer pays with credit card, states Pro Skauer. You should consider the laws in your state before offering your customer the electronic receipt option or you could face legal and financial penalties under state laws. For example, in the state of California a single violation can cost you from $250 to $1000. Imagine how quickly this liability could escalate, potentially leading to an incapacitating class action law suit.

It is imperative that you do not use eReceipts for intrusive marketing efforts. This ideology will backfire, especially if your customer has not been given the opportunity to opt in to receive eReceipts. Do not assume that if a customer opts in for an eReceipt they will want additional marketing emailed to them.  By honoring your customer’s privacy and not blanketing them with email marketing, they will be more inclined to opt in to the eReceipt option in the future.

You are obligated to ensure your customer data is safe from hackers and avoid a data breach. Once data security is compromised, your customer will no longer trust your company. If you are not operating on an ironclad platform with your point of sale system, hackers can access email addresses to develop phishing attacks against your customers. This is a method which is used to disguise spam and trick people into responding. Your customers will be at risk as they will be much more likely to believe the fake email is genuine and they may give out additional private information to their detriment.

Implementation of Paper and eReceipt Options

Despite the possible downside of eReceipts, it appears they are now a permanent fixture in the retail landscape. While the market is not going to change all at once, some customers will prefer the convenience of an eReceipt. To avoid the pitfalls of blanket electronic marketing to all of your customers, set up a separate email account that you use only for eReceipts, says Katherine Hutt, Director of Communications and Media Relations for the Council of Better Business Bureaus, as reported by CNBC.

If your customer opts for a printed receipt, you will want to ensure the printer works every time. Shopify not only offers electronic receipt capability but also a thermal receipt printer which is easily integrated with your cash drawer so your entire POS system works together. All-in-one hardware makes order processing and returns more efficient than ever before, letting you place purchases and returns in minutes on your iPad and then print full receipts for your customers on the spot.

A customer can also use the store receipt with a QR code which can assist them to with registering for eReceipts if they wish to choose that option for their next purchase. The customer can also be prompted by the point of sale card scanner if they wish to receive an eReceipt and they can enter their email address or cell phone number.

If you have not offered electronic receipts in your business, look for a robust, adaptable, easy-to-integrate solution to provide a quantifiable return on your investment and allow real time transmission of receipts. By offering the alternative for paperless receipts, you can turn every purchaser into a loyal customer.

How to Radically Lower Your Grocery Budget

Do you want radically lower your grocery budget but the idea of shopping only sales and using coupons doesn’t sit right with you? Well, you’re in luck.

I’ve been able to substantially lower my grocery budget without touching a coupon or glancing at a sales flier. That’s because really saving money on groceries comes down to three basic principles.

If you follow these I guarantee you’ll see dramatic savings.

Ready to get started?

Make a Meal Plan

Let’s start by talking about what a meal plan isn’t. A meal plan is not an elaborately laid out calendar style form that details every single thing you’ll be eating over the next month. It doesn’t have to be fancy or detailed. (Unless you want it to be.)

All a meal plan is a list of meals you plan on making or eating over the next week or so. A meal plan is simple, but flexible and is a tool that allows you to plan ahead instead of having to run through a drive through for dinner.

Here’s a dinner meal plan sample:

  • Monday – Grilled Chicken, green beans
  • Tuesday – Crockpot Roast Beef, carrots, potatoes,
  • Wednesday – Lasagna
  • Thursday – Tacos
  • Friday – Leftovers

When you take the time to write out a simple meal plan like this you can take a quick glance and know what you need to layout for the next day. It’s also flexible. Just because you wrote down a certain meal for a certain day of the week doesn’t mean you can’t switch it.

When you take ten minutes out of your week to make a meal plan based upon the food you already have in your house you’ll save money.

Too many people shy away from meal plans thinking they need to be elaborate. That’s not true. In my experience the simpler the better.

Use What You Have

I don’t know why this is hard to do for so many people – but it is. Look in your pantry. How much food is in there? There’s a lot in mine but for some reason I’ll feel like “there’s nothing to eat.”

Before you go grocery shopping to top off an already full pantry start using what you have.

Get creative with your meals and record them on your meal plan. This will help you take less frequent trips to the grocery store.

Don’t Step Into a Store Without a List

To really save money on food you need to shop with a list.

Before you head to the store take inventory of what you already have, come up with some meal ideas, and then create your list.

When you go to the store only buy from the list. This will curb your impulse purchases and ensure that you’re only purchasing items that will actually get used up.


These three strategies can help you radically lower your grocery budget. These are all quick and simple things that you can do that will have a huge impact! And best of all – no coupons required.