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What Percentage Of Medical Cannabis Is Grown Indoors?

Many people who order medical cannabis from a cannabis delivery company don’t know if their pot is grown indoors or out. Some don’t even care, but it’s a good idea to know where your medicine comes from and how it gets to you. There are differences in medical marijuana that’s grown indoors and outdoor; differences in quality, price and sustainability.

How Much is Grown Indoors?

You might think it’s more logical to grow a plant outdoors in the sunlight, but there’s a viable market for marijuana that’s been grown indoors. Outdoor medical cannabis makes up about two-thirds of all cannabis grown for medicinal purposes. Which means, roughly 33% is grown inside, usually using complex and expensive equipment to produce a product that can compare to what Mother Nature would help deliver.

Why Is Marijuana Grown Indoors?

Cannabis has traditionally been grown outdoors. It’s one of the oldest agricultural crops ever to exist and it has had a long history of medicinal use. We didn’t see indoor cultivation of marijuana until about a century ago, and the effort was made primarily because of prohibition and a desire to skirt the law. The biggest advancements in marijuana production are a result of indoor growing, and we can now use controlled climates to produce a product that compares in many ways to that grown outdoors.

Indoor vs. Outdoor?

There are many benefits to growing marijuana indoors as opposed to outdoors. More freedom to pick a location for cultivation is one, as is complete control of the environment. Temperature, lighting, C02 and humidity can all be dialed in to precisely the right level, creating a stable habitat for growing optimal plants. But, there’s no light bulb that offers the identical light spectrum of the sun, which means indoor gardens are limited and produce less vigorous plants.

Outdoor production requires good sun exposure, warm nights, hot days and low humidity. But, it’s less costly. Growers have many factors to consider when coming up with a quality product for medical marijuana users. Green Door West knows the top growers and only offers products that are the best, whether cultivated indoors or out. Our cannabis delivery company sells premium organic marijuana, including flowers, concentrates and edibles. We’re a special cannabis delivery company bringing the best products to patients throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

4 Easy Ways to Save Money (Without Even Noticing)

If you live within a tight budget, are getting by on one income, or are striving to pay off debt, saving money can feel challenging. It’s essential for you to have an emergency fund, but what if you want some money for fun too?

Here are four easy ways to save money, whatever the reason, without even noticing.

Apps that roll over change from purchases

Acorns, launched in 2014, was the first of these apps to roll over change from purchases. If you make a debit card purchase, it withdrawals the difference from the nearest dollar and invests the money in an investment portfolio in $5 increments. The app charges $1 per month for accounts with less than $5,000. Apps like Acorns are helpful for those who want to save money without noticing; the amounts being invested are small enough you won’t miss the money and the bonus is that you’re saving cash without lifting a finger.

Automatic deposits into savings accounts from checks

Another option to save money is to set a certain amount of your check to go directly to your savings account. A predetermined amount of cash will go to your checking account so you can use the money for bills and as needed, but the rest can go into your savings so you save by default and can contribute toward your financial goals. You never see the money and aren’t used to having it in your bank account, so don’t feel like you’re missing anything.

Coupons that slash your grocery bill

Everyone wants to save money and if you learn how to manage coupons, you can help your friends save money too. Coupons can be tricky to use, but they don’t have to be. Check local papers and check the store ad to see what’s on sale. Don’t want to clip paper coupons or spend time printing them? Redeem digital coupons – no printer needed, simply show the cashier the coupons on your phone. You don’t have to invest tons of time into couponing to save yourself some big cash. You should also look online for places that offer a signup bonus such as an extra 10 percent off for using your store card.  No matter what you are doing or purchasing, there are always ways to save money.

Redirected money

If it’s tax time, take that refund money and put it in a high interest savings account. If your kids are in childcare but soon headed to elementary school, redirect the money you’ve allotted for childcare into a savings account. Take unexpected money, or money that was going to an expense that no longer exists, and invest it instead of using it to make frivolous purchases or splurges on unnecessary things. Remember that it is okay to treat yourself here and there for saving money. While it may seem counter-intuitive, occasionally spending money on something you want will motivate you and keep you on track.

These ways can help you save money every month without negatively impacting your budget. Pick a few ways to implement into your daily life and start building your savings now. You’ll be amazed how quickly the cash will add up without you missing it from your budget, and find yourself wondering why you didn’t start years ago.

What are the dangers of using a free WordPress theme for your blog?

If you have just set up your own blog, it can be tempting to use a free WordPress theme. After all, you do not want to be spending too much cash until you start to attract interest in your blog. The problem with free WordPress themes is that they are not always the best solution. At the very least, it’s a good idea to start thinking about alternatives in the long term.

Saving money by using a free theme may seem like a good idea, but investing in the help of experts such as Quikclicks can save you a lot of time and effort. It’s also a better option if you want to optimize the performance of your blog. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

Links that you cannot remove from the theme

This is often the price that you can pay for using a free theme; links that can be seriously damaging to your SEO. It’s never a good idea to use a theme that has this type of link, even as a short term measure.

Themes that are not well supported

Do you really want to use a theme that is not patched on an ongoing basis and is not upgraded when there is a new WordPress release? That free theme may look great but if the support for it is seriously lacking it’s not going to be good for the ongoing success of your blog.

Themes that are not well designed and coded

You can usually tell if you have picked a free WordPress theme that is badly designed or coded. You are never going to be happy with it. Many people encounter this problem and end up swapping between different free themes. Having a badly designed theme is never going to be good for your blog. Neither is the lack of continuity that comes from switching between themes.

Themes which limit the placement of opt-ins

You may be attracted to a free theme because it’s really easy to place opt-ins within it. But, think about this carefully. Being able to do this is not going to be very helpful if you cannot place the opt-ins where you need to. This only serves to place unwanted restrictions on the way you design and use your blog.

Themes that cause problems with load speed

Load speed is a major concern if you want your blog to feature well, with users and search engines. The problem with many free themes is that they are coded badly. This can have an adverse effect on load speeds.

These are just some of the reasons why using a free WordPress theme can be hazardous to the performance of your blog. If you really want to use a free theme then be very careful with your selection. If you prefer to have a theme that has a positive effect on the way your blog performs, it may be worth seeking some expert advice.