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Get a $150 Referral Bonus When You Become an Uber Driver

If you’re considering becoming an Uber driver, NOW is the time!

The referral bonus for new Uber drivers has traditionally be lower, at $50 in most cities, but Uber has increased the new driver referral bonus to $150 in many cities! The bonuses vary by city, so it may be more or less in certain cities. For example, right now it’s $300 in Washington, DC, $400 in Boston, and $500 in Los Angeles!Become an Uber Driver

It’s very easy to get started, and there are only a few steps you need to take to get paid your bonus:

  • Sign up here
  • Upload all required documents to their partner dashboard
  • Get vehicle inspected
  • Complete 20 trips (this number varies by city, but should take about 3 hours of Uber driving)

When I signed up, I got paid a $50 Uber referral driver bonus after just the first Saturday night of driving for Uber. It couldn’t be easier to earn the bonus, so sign up now!

The whole process is pretty quick, and if you have any questions about the approval process, leave them below. I’m happy to answer them for you!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to become an Uber driver here and get your $150 bonus now!

Uber Sign Up Bonus

Top Ski Resorts in Europe

Top Ski Resorts in EuropeEurope boasts some of the world’s best skiing. That being said, it can be quite difficult to decide where one would like to go skiing in Europe. Some of the best places to sample out in terms of European skiing are: Andorra, France, Switzerland, and Bulgaria. When contemplating where to go skiing, be sure to take into account the different currencies that each place has in order to avoid overpaying or not having access to the local currency. The local currencies are as follows: Andorra (EUR), France (EUR), Switzerland (CHF), and Bulgaria (BGN). Consider the following ski resort destinations when trying to ascertain where to go skiing in Europe whilst on holiday:

Ideal Places to Find Ski Resorts in Europe

  1. Andorra: Adorra is a very popular destination for skiing. Since Adorra is conveniently situated on the Pyrennes mountains between France and Spain, it is a delightful place to travel to for skiing and sightseeing in the nearby areas. Some of the best resorts to stay at in Andorra are: Soldeu El Tarter Ski Resort, Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig, and Pal Arinsal Ski Resort. Pal Arinsal Ski Resort is a residence for all of the year and the others are more targeted towards the Winter season. Some of the advantages of skiing in Andorra is the food that tourists will get to enjoy there. Given the distance between Spain and France, Andorra has influences from both cultures on its cuisine making for a delightful dining experience.
  2. France: There are many divine skiing resorts in France due to the proximity of the Alps on the border of France. Some resorts that have become quite famous for skiing in France are: Les Arcs, Courchevel, Méribel, and Val Thorens. While these are mixed level, Courchevel is the best for novice skiers wanting to try skiing on the French Alps. Some advantages of enjoying the French Alps are the world-famous spas that these ski resorts have there. If you are a beginner skier, then it will be wise to find a resort with a spa to enjoy the views of the French Alps.
  3. Switzerland: Switzerland is one of the most luxurious skiing destinations in the world. This, like France, is also attributed to Switzerland’s border on the Alps as well. Some of the most highly recommended resorts in Switzerland are: Zermatt, Jungfrau, St. Moritz, Davos-Klosters, Saas-Fee, and Crans Montana. For very advanced skiers that are looking for advanced runs such as Black Diamonds, resorts such as Saas-Fee are an ideal choice when attempting to ski the alps in Switzerland. The ski resorts in Switzerland have advantages in both food, spas, and nightlife. While the nightlife is not as intense as Bulgaria, the spa and food provide for a great experience due to Switzerland’s mix of French, German, and Italian culture.
  4. Bulgaria: Bulgaria is not typically the name that comes to mind when considering where to go skiing in Europe. That being said, there are many developed ski resorts in Bulgaria that are surely worth a visit. Some of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria consist of: Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo. Bulgaria is surely the locale on this list that is known for nightlife. Thus, if you are interested in a ski resort experience paired with nightlife, the culture of Bulgaria lends itself quite easily to skiing and going out after a long day on the slopes.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

Europe is one of the leaders in ski resorts for a reason. The scenery aside, each resort really does offer tourists a great deal of luxury and the actual chance to learn how to ski properly. Bear in mind the different currencies when trying to decide which one of the aforementioned places you would like to try staying and skiing. This way, you will be able to have enough cash to pay for lifts and small beverages as you are enjoying the slopes in some of the most gorgeous places in the world for skiing.  This, combined with the advantage of European ski resorts being close is a major benefit to venturing out to European ski resorts from the UK.

UKGC Announces Heightens Standards for Online Gambling Operators

UKGC announces heightens standards for online gambling operators, and this should make a lot of online casino gaming fans feel relieved. Plenty of online casino gaming fans have put up with some of the flaws associated with online casino gaming websites for a while by this point. However, that doesn’t mean that they actually like it, or that they aren’t thrilled with the fact that some of these new standards will probably directly benefit them.

Players will soon be able to establish financial limits for themselves. They will be able to evaluate their account history more accurately and effectively. They will be able to see their net deposits more clearly and accurately in context. Customers will also be able to get access to account and gambling data over a period of three months. All of these different standards have a few things in common. They’re generally about making sure customers have a clearer idea of what they are spending and when, and how much money they are making off of the games. The standards will give them a clearer picture of their finances.

It is true that these new standards will not become implemented until April 1st, 2018. This means that the online casino gaming companies themselves are going to have plenty of time to start to get everything in order. It also means that the fans will be able to adjust to them more easily, since some of these new standards will technically give them some additional capabilities as well as additional responsibilities. Both parties will be able to get everything in order, since they have nearly a year to prepare.

However, some changes will probably become relevant on October 1st, 2017. These changes will tend to relate to the presentation of information on online casino gaming websites, which will affect how the terminology is used on the websites. The online casino gaming websites will tend to use confusing language during the sign-up phase in particular, and this is often a source of frustration for the fans of online casino gaming. All of this is going to come to an end quickly enough, however, and so people are going to be able to see a lot of changes in these websites right away.

The newer players who are just signing up on online casino gaming websites now are going to avoid making some of the same mistakes that a lot of other players have made in the past, because these new websites will no longer be set up that way.

With Canada Casino changes and other casino changes in recent months, a lot of people are watching the entire industry become more refined. It’s going to get safer for people to be able to bet money online, which is good for the people who are trying to find a way to play games online much more responsibly. Sometimes, the problem starts with the players. Other times, the problem is with the websites themselves. Many of these new rules will be able to help both parties ultimately.