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Get a $150 Referral Bonus When You Become an Uber Driver

If you’re considering becoming an Uber driver, NOW is the time!

The referral bonus for new Uber drivers has traditionally be lower, at $50 in most cities, but Uber has increased the new driver referral bonus to $150 in many cities! The bonuses vary by city, so it may be more or less in certain cities. For example, right now it’s $300 in Washington, DC, $400 in Boston, and $500 in Los Angeles!Become an Uber Driver

It’s very easy to get started, and there are only a few steps you need to take to get paid your bonus:

  • Sign up here
  • Upload all required documents to their partner dashboard
  • Get vehicle inspected
  • Complete 20 trips (this number varies by city, but should take about 3 hours of Uber driving)

When I signed up, I got paid a $50 Uber referral driver bonus after just the first Saturday night of driving for Uber. It couldn’t be easier to earn the bonus, so sign up now!

The whole process is pretty quick, and if you have any questions about the approval process, leave them below. I’m happy to answer them for you!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to become an Uber driver here and get your $150 bonus now!

Uber Sign Up Bonus

How Workers Compensation Protects Your Business From Financial Distress

Workers compensation insurance provides cash or medical benefits to employees who are injured on the job. While you are just starting a business, you probably do not have to worry about paying for this insurance. Unless, you would like to cover yourself as an employee. However, once you start hiring other people as employees, it will be increasingly necessary to have a workers’ compensation policy in place. While some states do not require workers comp, most have mandatory laws in place. As the business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the company pays for this insurance which can offer protection in the event of an incident. To learn more about how workers compensation protects your business, keep reading below.

Employee Accidents Or Injury

If an employee experiences an accident at work, workers compensation can help cover the medical costs associated with the accident. The policy will also cover the lost wages that employee incurs as a result of the accident or injury. For example, if an employee were unable to work for a month, the policy could cover the wages over that period of time. Securing a policy, you can protect your business from having to pay out these wages. An accident or injury can be an expensive event that workers’ compensation can protect you from.

Injury Lawsuits Against Your Business

Secondly, workers’ compensation can protect your business from injury lawsuits. The cost of an injury lawsuit could bankrupt many small businesses. However, workers’ comp comes with another part of insurance called employer’s liability insurance. This part of the policy would cover attorney’s fees, court fees and judgements settled against your business. Of course, each policy has a limit of damages according to your business’s coverage. However, the policy limits are usually set high enough to offer significant protection to the business’s overall financial stability.

Job-Related Illnesses And Long Term Injuries

Furthermore, wordpress compensation can protect your business from long term costs associated with permanent injuries and illnesses. If there are long term diseases developed at work, workers comp can cover these costs too. Medical treatments for diseases like carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic back pain may take many years to heal, if at all. Obviously, a long term cost like this could drain your company’s cash flow. However, the insurance policy would protect the company from this type of long term risk and liability.

Support Managing Claims From Employees

In addition to providing financial protection, a workers’ compensation policy can assist in dealing with claims from employees. According to Daniel Noll, a lawyer in Springfield IL, “most work-related injuries must be reported to an employer within 45 days.” Dealing with these claims could cost your business valuable time and resources for administrative tasks. With the help of your insurance carrier, they can take care of the claims process for you. This way, you can spend more of your valuable time running the business while your insurance provider responds to employee workers’ compensation claims. Needless to say, the policy could protect your business from losing valuable resources to keep the business running.

Trust Between The Company And Employees

A workers’ compensation policy establishes a level of trust between your business and employees. They will know that if there is an incident at work, they can claim compensation. Within reason, they will not have to worry about covering the medical bills or lost wages if they are injured at work. When your business is trusted by employees, it improves retention and overall productivity. This is essential to the financial success of a company. The security offered to employees with workers compensation can offer your business protection from low morale or high turnover rates.

Workers’ compensation covers many types of injuries and illness while protecting your business from absorbing the total cost of these events. If an employee is injured or hurt at work, the policy will cover the costs for medical bills or lost wages. It can also cover the costs for long term illnesses and injuries that an employee may suffer. On top of that, if an employee tries to use your company, the insurance policy would cover the legal costs associated with a settlement or judgement. It will also assist your business in managing claims when injuries are reported. More so, the policy will promote trust between employees and the company. These are all important ways that workers’ compensation can protect your business from financial hardship.

What Happens to Old EIN Numbers?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is vital for almost all types of business. This unique number provides your company credibility, allows you to apply for business licenses, open a business bank account, file tax reports, and file electronic tax payments and returns. An EIN number is also needed if you are an executor of an estate or control a trust. IRS-EIN-Tax-ID provides an easy and safe way to apply for an EIN for your business, trust, as well as an EIN number for an estate.

Inactive Employer Identification Numbers

Simply put, once an EIN has been assigned to your business entity, it becomes that entity’s permanent Federal taxpayer identification number. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does not cancel EINs regardless if it is never used. This none-digit number is never reused or reassigned to another entity. The EIN can be used for that entity again at a later date, should the owner need it.

However, if you obtained an EIN but later decided it is not needed, for whatever reason, you can choose for the IRS to close your business account. To do so, send a letter to the IRS that includes the EIN, legal name of the business, the address of the business, and a reason for closing your account. Also, include a copy of the EIN Assignment Notice if possible.

Businesses Required to Apply for EIN

If your business falls under any one of these situations, an EIN is required:

  • You have employees
  • Business is a partnership of corporation
  • You withhold non-wage income paid to a non-resident alien
  • You run a farmers’ cooperative or non-profit organization
  • You have Keogh plan
  • You are a plan administrator
  • You file tax returns for excise, alcohol, firearms, and tobacco
  • Have an estate

You must also obtain an irrevocable trust tax ID number if you are a grantor of an irrevocable trust.

To learn more about EINs or how to easily apply, visit the IRS EIN Tax ID website.