4 Tips for Teaching Kids about Money

4 Tips for Teaching Kids about MoneyLifelong financial responsibility begins at a young age. Wise parents start teaching their kids how to handle money from the time the children are old enough to understand budgeting principles. A few basic guidelines are often enough to help children understand how to manage income and savings through adolescence and into adulthood.

Follow a Budget

Kids should be taught how to manage money before they begin to handle it. Starting with an allowance or casual earnings from lawn care and babysitting, they should know what to do with their income before they receive it. An effective plan typically allocates a certain amount for discretionary spending, such as fifty percent. Another portion should go to savings, perhaps short-term and long-term. Many families encourage kids to give a third portion of their earnings to charity for religious purposes or charitable contributions. As kids grow into their teen years and get part-time jobs, the budget can be adjusted accordingly. Some parents train their children to take on more personal financial responsibility when they get a job, such as paying for a cell phone plan or car insurance. This gives teens a taste of real-world finances.

Make Responsible Purchases

While children should be able to buy fun things with part of their earnings, it is up to parents to teach them how to make wise purchases. Frivolous playthings that break easily or cause mischief should be discouraged. Creative activities like art projects or building kits are a better use of children’s earnings. Parents can also use shopping ventures to teach children about the advantages of discount shopping or coupon use. Learning to become frugal while young can become a useful lifetime habit.

Watch Savings Grow

Establishing a passbook savings account or a youth-oriented limited investment plan is a great way to help children learn to save money on a regular basis. Watching savings grow from ongoing contributions and possible interest feeds their excitement and encourages additional savings in the future. Periodically checking the balance for interest or dividends makes the sacrifice more meaningful and teaches character values like patience and persistence. Many kids who learn the joys of saving money while young grow up to become savvy financial managers.

Help Others

As children begin to appreciate the empowerment that comes with effective money management, it is important to balance monetary control with the goal of sharing with others in need. This may include options such as donating to a place of worship, giving to a local charity, or assisting a community cause like a family in need after a natural disaster. When kids can physically visit real places and literally hand over their hard-earned money to a meaningful cause as opposed to simply mailing a donation, they begin to understand the importance of giving to others who may be less fortunate or have a special need.

Conversely, children who are handed money randomly and allowed to spend it as they wish often face more challenges in learning how to manage money as adults. Prudent advice from parents and grandparents to kids at a young age provides children with valuable knowledge that will serve them for years to come.

Parents who set a prudent example of good money management provide added support to their children’s understanding of finances. Talking frankly about age-appropriate money issues such as bill-paying and credit cards will ensure that children learn what they need to know from a responsible adult rather than a careless friend. Money is a serious subject that children need to learn over several years’ time. The better prepared they are for the real world of finance as adults, the more likely they will be able to successfully navigate the economy.

Why You Need an Affiliate Management System to See Big Success

While many people may think that affiliate marketing is a thing of the past, the affiliate system of marketing is still a booming industry, with over four billion dollars in revenue coming in every year due to affiliate links. Just three years ago, Forrester Research showed definitely that consumers tend to view affiliate advertisements as more trustworthy and desirable than the very same advertisement being shown on the merchant website. With the low risk and high potential for mega earnings, affiliate marketing is a booming business even today.

Where Does an Affiliate System Come in?

In order to get paid, an affiliate must be able to show how many purchases at the merchant site were the result of a click on their affiliate link. Affiliate software is usually used, either on the part of the merchant, the affiliate, or both, to track clicks and conversion rates.

But there are many other ways that an affiliate system can help you manage your affiliate business and see huge success. Here are some things to consider about your affiliate software and about what you can do behind the scenes to manage your business.trading

Keyword Research

The first thing that affiliate software can do for you beyond managing clicks and conversion rates is to provide a type of keyword research. When you first set up your affiliate business, you’ll need to do research into the keywords specific to your niche, to ensure that you’re optimizing your links or advertisements so that they will get good rankings in search engine results. However, research doesn’t stop once you’ve gotten started. The best way to keep your affiliate marketing business earning big amounts is to continuously research which keywords are working best.

With a good affiliate system, you can see which links or advertisements are getting the most conversion rates, and that can help you see which keywords you should focus on. Likewise, you’ll be able to see which links aren’t performing as well, and you can mark those keywords off your list for now.

Prevent Fraud

Fraudulent behavior is common in the affiliate marketing world. Competitors or scammers will click through advertisements many times in a row on PPC advertisements, driving up your costs or making your advertisement disappear when your pre-paid budget has been used up for the day. These types of behaviors can also raise flags for merchants, who may decide not to work with you in the future if they think you’re trying to pad your income with fraudulent clicks.

Luckily, most of the top affiliate software options have fraud prevention features. They’ll alert you to the types of behaviors that you need to be concerned with; you can isolate the advertisement and either remove it from the page, or take other action to stop the fraud.

Enrich Your Own Business

If you are using affiliate marketing on your own personal business site, to create a passive stream of income while you build your company, there are many things you can learn about your company and niche from your affiliate system. For example: If you’ve chosen products specifically to benefit your target audience, you’ll be able to do a little experimenting before you unveil your own company’s plans. You can see what it is that your audience responds to best, and what kinds of discounts or special offers they are most attracted to.

Using the right affiliate software can be of major benefit to your affiliate business. Even if your affiliate program has its own tracking system, use software to curate your own information, and you could find much better success than your competitors.

Getting Car Insurance after Getting Your License Reinstated

License suspension is a common punishment for various types of violations. You can have your license suspended for:

  • Getting a DUI conviction
  • Having multiple traffic violations
  • Accumulating a high number of points on your driving record

Drivers licenses can also be suspended for violations for non-driving reasons, such as failing to pay child support. A recent study commissioned by the National Highway Transport Safety Administration revealed that the percentage of suspended drivers for non-driving reasons had risen to 36 percent in 2005.

What Happens When Your License is Suspended?

There are many things that go through a driver’s mind when their license is suspended. They wonder how they will get to work, how they will get their children to school and how they will get around in general.

Not only is it a license suspension inconvenient, it also comes at a great monetary expense. You will have to spend money on transportation. You will also likely have to deal with paying higher insurance premiums after your license is reinstated and you renew your insurance policy.

As you’re probably already aware, it’s illegal to drive with a suspended license. Despite this, many drivers still take to the road. For example, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety stated that there were 2.2 million drivers in Florida driving with revoked or suspended licenses.

Driving without a valid driver’s license can result in serious repercussions, depending on the state you live in. It could result in hefty fines, jail time and a revoking of your license for at least 12 months.

What to Do When Your License is Suspended

It is important that you comply with the legal requirements in order to have your license reinstated. If your license is suspended, make sure that you:

  1. Do not drive while your license is suspended. This will only make matters worse.
  2. Enroll in traffic school or a defensive-driving course. This will demonstrate to your insurance provider and state authorities that you are committed to improving your driving skills.
  3. File for SR 22 with your insurance company if the suspension is for a serious offense (e.g. a car accident).
  4. Pay all penalty fees for the reinstatement of your license.

How to Get Auto Insurance

Many drivers assume that getting car insurance after the suspension of a driver’s license is difficult. This doesn’t have to be the case. The following tips will help you get insurance after the reinstatement of your license.

  1. Check with your current provider

Check to see if your insurance provider will continue to provide you with coverage. Share with your provider the reason why your driver’s license was suspended. They may choose not to raise your insurance rates depending on the reason for suspension of your license.

  1. Shop for insurance

You should shop for another insurance provider if you are not able to get a good rate with your current provider. A good place to start is comparing online auto insurance quotes. This will ensure that you are able to get the best rate possible.

Be honest about your driving record; it’s crucial to getting an accurate premium quote. Bear in mind that there are some violations that will have you placed in the high-risk category. However, taking the time to compare insurance quotes will allow you to find the best rate possible without having to call a bunch of numbers or visit insurance agencies in person.

Time is on Your Side

If your license has been suspended for a long period of time, this could work in your favor. Having your license suspended will keep you from incurring other driving violations on your record. And remember, finding affordable auto insurance is easy, you just have to know where to look.

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